Help, my gelato seeds are not sprouting

I would either pop it back in the paper towel for a couple more days on top of something warm, or just plant em and also keep it warm.

I placed 5 more into water. No progress yet. The seeds in the paper towel are the same, no change at all.

One method you can try with the ones in water is just floating them on top until they either sink and simply won’t float, or until they have stupidly long tails. That method has worked for me but all it seems to do is increase having tails pop - doesn’t seem to actually increase survival rate because softening the shell with water is effectively about the same as drowning them. I have perhaps 8 of about 16 plants still alive after using the “soak it til the tail grows” method.

Alternatively you can do a 24 hour soak with a bit of peroxide added and after the 24 hours go straight into a solo cup filled with soil or coco and place the cup on a seedling heat mat with a plastic cover over the top. Heat and humidity are a seed’s best friend. I have more long-term success with this method - 5 of 6 seeds germinated and are growing quite happily now.

So its been nearly 3 days and not 1 seed has popped. The 4 in the paper towel have not changed either and the 2 in the cups have no change. Has anyone tried 11 seeds before and not have a single one germinate?

I think 1 of the seeds has a small root starting to come out. Im keeping it in the papertowel/water untill the root is a bit longer.

What temperature are you germinating them at?

75 to 77 degrees

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Interesting. Best thought at this point is picking up a seedling heat mat - they’re pretty cheap on Amazon. I have this one but literally any will do.

It kept my soil temps warm enough to get stubborn seeds to germinate when my house got too cool.

I have one coming today. What temp should i have them at?

Mine just has one setting - on. :joy: as far as I know anyhow. I think it’s like 84° or something like that. Warm but not hot.

Edit: the Amazon listing says 104° on the surface of the mat, which I suppose raises the soil temps to between 84 and 90°

So wait, do people put the dixie cups of soil onto the heating mats or can you put moist paper towels in ziplock bags onto the mat?

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That’s my method. I use 18 ounce solo cups with the seed close to the surface. Leaves lots of room for the soil to warm before the heat gets to it. Encourages her that the earth is warm and ready, just like spring.

You can do that too. I might throw a paper plate or something down as a buffer between the surface of the mat and the seed just in case the surface gets too hot. Don’t wanna cooked seed, just a nicely warmed one.