Help! My first fly/gnat


Newbie here and I have my first fly/gnat!!
Why? What can I do about it?

I’ve only seen one so far. I chased it around for 5 minutes trying to squish it with no luck.


Welcome to the forum
Ok first off relax those are soil nats
One thing you can do is make sure you allownthe soil to dry out between watering and feeding they need moist soil to lay egg
Sticky traps will help catch the adults
Dusting the soil with a light layer of DE also helps kill them


Here a link with some useful info on pests


Thank you for the reply. I water a few ounces every 7-8 days. The soil seems most and the plant seems healthy.

What is DE?
Can you recommend a sticky trap?

Thanks again


Ok give me a few minutes @budsnopain
Ill get a few links for you


Last one is a great reference site fir all the uses and benefits of DE


Ordered! Thank you.


Smart move. I have done the same thing Country Boy recommended per his advice in the past and it’s worked for me. Good luck. Enjoy your grow.


I only saw one gnat but assumed there were more. So far I’ve found one stuck to the paper.
It’s working perfectly