Help! My buds are unsticky and unsmelly

My apologies. I’ve been away. Drying? I admit to not giving enough attention to drying. But PK hung in the dark in a closet for 4 days, GDP hung in the dark in the grow tent for 5 days.

Curing? Trimmed are jarred loosely with 62% boveda packs for at least a month. Occasional dumping out to let breath a bit.

The only thing I can come up with is too much fan air blowing on them.

Is that possible? In my attempt to keep temps down, is it possible to blow too much air across your plants?

Non of my pk was or is very loud smelling. Before or after the cut. All of them had tricombs clear to amber. Not a lot of smell but potency’s been great. Some strain s don’t have a strong smell but doesn’t mean that it’s not good.


4-5 days is fast for a hanging dry.

I want cool (60f) temperatures and moderate (60%rh) humidity with lots of airflow.

There are different cultural practices surrounding drying cannabis; in some parts of the world people dry whole plants under the sun. But testing shows that cool dark spaces preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids.


That weed looks perfect for harvest.

Yeah Im with you on the cool side of things but often I default to room temp which hovers around 72 degrees.
What Ive found is if you cure cooler you can be a bit dryer in the room, if you are a warmer you need to keep the RH a bit higher to ensure a 10 day dry. Do you concur with this @KeystoneCops ? Its just my observation as Ive dried too fast and lose a lot of terps that way.
Oh and my cannabis is super pungent now! Its like really obviously dank and 5 days or so from plant 3 being chopped!


Hmmm. I suppose our different microclimates and cultivation practices matter when figuring out how to achieve a dry flower. I sense that you try to keep it as cool as possible, and for you that’s 72f. I don’t know how much control you have over RH.

I’m not really well-read on drying; I think this is the shortcoming in most grows, both home and commercial.

Its too cold to dry out side or in an out building, the temps here now are near freezing at night and near 50 in the day. Humidity is high outside, so indoors is the only way. I can moderate humidity indoors and temos remain near room temp.

Not to be an alarmist, but Covid virus can result in no smell, no taste. It would be terrible if Covid prevents you from getting high.

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Here is what I learned from your excellent comments and a bit more research. I, like most people, placed all my emphasis on growing this plant and not enough time in learning to cure it properly. Which is ironic considering I grew up in the US south where curing tobacco was considered an art form.

I found that terpenes are extremely volatile and will evaporate away as low as 72F.

The weed I have turned out to be smokeable. I’ve bought was worse off the streets. It just lacked that last bit of kick and aroma that comes from proper drying/curing as many of you have mentioned.

So, first, I shouldnt have blown so much fan air at them in an attempt to keep temps down. Dried my plants in their own environment. Probably should have kept the humidity a little higher as well.

Two, I think @keystonecops has it right. Low and slow. I’ve got to get the temps down and the humidity up. My current crop will be ready in December. I think I’ll purchase another small grow tent just for drying, keep the room 60-65 degrees and get the humidity up in the drying tent. See if I can make the magic 10 days.

Last, cut the stalks from the plant to create a more even drying area instead of hanging the whole plant. Understand the role stems and stalks and leaves play in the drying process. And treat the plants very carefully. It’s easy to knock off the goodness.

Jarring is worthy of another discussion.

Many thanx for all the comments. I hope to reciprocate soon.



A late response to you but I purchased an “air scrubber” for that very purpose and I’m only growing one plant right now…first grow. The plant was smelling up the bedroom from the closet when I decided to turn on the air filtration. As late as my response is you have probably already looked into that. Best regards

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Lol on the rona vinus, as my son calls it

I actually enjoy the smell :face_with_hand_over_mouth: legal to grow here and my kids don’t recognize the smell so it hasn’t worried me. Tucked your tip in my brain for later though :kissing_heart:

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Me too! Hee hee hee! I like the smell, also!!! I sit there with my head in the tent and just breathe. LOL! It’s actually a little relaxing for me! I have not smoked in over forty years. Decided to try a grow more as a “bucket list” item which developed during the “lockdown” more than anything else. Don’t really know what I am going to do when it comes to harvest…still thinking about it.


Boveda doesn’t recommend using their packs to cure. They can actually absorb some of the smell. You’re better off to just grab some mini hygrometers off Amazon to stick in your cure jars to monitor moisture and burping or adding a pack short term to make adjustments.