Help my branch jus got snapped wht to do

please someone is there now a big problem this my N.L AT 5 weeks going into 6

this is the part that broke it was hanging so I cut it clean off with trimming scissors. :sob::pleading_face:

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Is it photo or auto. If auto its trash if photo u can get it to reveg and grow a tree from iy as long as u get it to root properly. Good luck. Did u 45 ghe cut and scrape thd stalk of stem some

It’s auto n I have no gel for clones n am very new to this happening never had a plant get this far n have an accident… I wanna cry. I’m let her play out n cradle as best I can let’s pray for bestBut what’s the scraping n scratch the stem??

The main plant will b ok the cut pc prolly wont root and if it does itll be trashy fllwer or a bud rot bud. Wont grow loke the normal plant dif

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Ok but the rest of her should b ok???sorry I’m a little slow at times

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Scraping stem an inch or so up from bottom opens cells and pores in the stalk for stuff to be abdorbed a bsit. Clones dont absorb water thruroots til the establsh roots they r basically taking on food thru the leaves at this point til roots grow. If ur gonna try for sharts and giggles. Put a clear dome ober it and keep yhe leaves noist at night see if ahe pops roots. Dont hold ur breath tho it is a auto

If the brach was still attached you could of just tape the break with some athletic tape
I’ve snap my main coal brach trying to Bend it down it snap in half but it was still attached so I just held it in place and tape the break I also split my plant in half while trying to spread her out split the stalk right down the middle I just squeeze her back to gather and wrap tape around the stock and she held up fine also the main Cole broke it was 3 weeks in flower
And same with the stem I split on accident it was in week 3 or 4 of flower

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I do the same i use a piece of syran wrap on branch first with a small pc of electrical tape to hold together. Easy to take off when needed off too.


Yea I was think but she was barley hanging on a small small thread I barely snipped her I feel :nauseated_face: ugh manwell I’ma dome her branch I planted n see what happens it’s not like u said shares n giggles but I pray rest of her will b fine this is my girl that jus broke it’s branch

right under that fan leaf was the branch Where it looks so empty at bottom n I meant to say it is like you said .*****

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I’ve repaired a stem on an auto that had snapped and then baked under the light for many hours, then that branch gave me a decent cola so yes it can be done, especially since you have found it immediately. Do you have any aloe?

The main plant will be ok. The broke off piece prokky not so much. Autos dont have a veg schedule loke a photo plant does so it wont produce like it should of it takes root

Aloe vera that blue stuff for sun burn

I don’t suppose you have any aloe plants at all?

Instead of trying to re-explain to you what was taught to me in that crucial hour, I’ll go back through my journal and find where it started and link it over here. Give us a sec…

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No my f-ing cats keptessing with them so I only kept what in tents … is it I can go grab real quick or I need aloe plant

@Arrow @Ocean @kaptain3d @Enlightened420 boys, if needing to use Aloe, can you use the stuff for sunburn? Or only natural aloe freshly harvested? I’m assuming @Steelhrt72 doesn’t have an Aloe supplement like the liquid one I’ve found recently


@Steelhrt72 I’m leaning towards not using anything that potentially full of artificial chemicals, just get the snapped pieces back together absolutely ASAP, splint and bandage with tape. Plumber’s threadseal or I think it’s called Teflon tape in the US is best but you can also use electrical tape in a pinch


I’m going to sit back and watch my sis @BStarr take you through this…and please do not use anything but real aloe…you can use raw honey as well… Nothing with chemicals in it…@BStarr, don’t forget the bag…its crucial…:wink::sunglasses::v: