Help my baby girl is sick



My Plant has been doing great but now it is it’s 2nd week in flowering and i woke up one morning to leaves Yellow on the top Where cola’s would form. i also have been pulling yellow ones off the bottom But that’s been going on a while But i don’t think it’s a nitrogen deficiency for the top leaves because that spreads from bottom to top. and the middle leaves are unaffected, so that doesn’t add up. im really stumped on this one i’v tried everything i’m feeding her Part A and part B sensi Ph perfect advanced nutrients. and mendocino honey for micro nutrients and elements But before i started her on flowering nutrients 3 days ago 2 days before that this happend i was using Dyna gro foliage pro and i woke up one morning to top leafs turning yellow and dieing at the spot where the Cola would form and the leaves down below that. i thought it would change once i started feeding her better quality shit aka the advanced nutrients and the mendocino honey. I also add about a table spoon of Hydrogen peroxide to the water each time i add 3 gallons of water to the 5 gallon bucket buble ponics and im runing a 600w High pressure sodium my light is about 2 and a half feet from the top of my plant. so i dont think it’s light burn. and i also thought it was that so i turned the lights wattage down to 250 watts and made it shadier yet the yellowing keeeps spreadings usually starts around the middle but not quite so. and then spreads to the out part. i cut some leafs off because they died from it. i just don’t know what to do anymore so this is why i came hear i really hope some one can help me, This website wont let me put the pictures im guessing because they are HD so im going to upload them on “” Hear are the links in this picture you will see the top leaves and others around it that have turned yellow … IN this one you get a closer look at the Top node… in this 2 pictures are pictures of leaves around it with the yellow starting in the middle moving toward the front of the leaf and from there it will die off and this picture is the leaves at the bottom/ middle but have been doing that for a while… and this last picture is just some leaves that don’t get much Light being underneath abunch of other leaves and this is what happens to them … Can some one please help me figure out how to make my baby girl healthy again… This is really breaking my heart you feel me


Can some one please tell me anything?


Looks like a nutrient lock out situation to me. What exactly are you using and what’s your PH?


Take a look at K deficiency. Check your PH.


I’m not sure what your issue is but when something presents like that I tend to flush the plant sooner than later to stop and prevent more damage, then I get it worked out
-best wishes


Fill out a support ticket, and do a flush. That’s the best advice I can give you.
The support ticket will help us know more about your grow and plant. And the flush will immediately start to help with whatever the problem is.



How close are the lights. Top could be light burn and bottom nut def maybe?


He said its 2 feet above the canopy. It’s not the lights. Check out the pics, it’s pretty cool!


I’v been doing alot of research and it seems that it might have K deficiency and the top leafs Because of PH fluctuations. and that might be that way because i never calibrated my PH meter… Think that might be it guys…?


It’s certainly possible ? When my meter came it was off by quite a bit, hope you get it dialed in !
-good luck


Yeah i don’t know if my Ph meter is the complete problem i’m going have to wait and see from what i could tell my meter was off at about 0.7 Ph too high So when i set my water to 6.2 Ph it was actually 6.9 i know that is definitely high enough for Lock out. Also in my recent Research i found out the best Ph is 5.8 So i have been trying to lower my Ph right? And every time put the plant back into his bucket to start drinking the new water the waters PH jumps back up to like 6.4 the first time 6.1 the second time and i’m going to do it again hear in like 2 hours i waited 2 hours earlier before i flushed it again and i just got done with my 2nd flush and i guess i’m just gonna have to keep flushing it before it’s stable at 5.8 Correct? Btw i also took the time to take a picture of the nutrients and supplements i have available to me.


You might be able to find the pH of a common product like white vinegar or something and set it that way or if you have the aquarium / swimming pool liquid type pH tester you can get a close setting that way
-best wishes


Nah i just tuned my Ph meter i watched a Youtube video and used the Buffer powder and crap So. My Ph should be Accurate now… Also this will probably Be my last Reply for the day. Because of the Reply And Post Limit i wish they would take that away… Anyway thanks much and i welcome anyone to give me other idea’s


Yea that’s a new thing that I just noticed. It told me I’m close to using all of my “likes” for the day? That’s ridiculous. If I like every single post it shouldn’t matter.
But anyway, yes you wan your pH at 5.8 for hydro. The pH should be kept from 5.5-6.1, but centering around 5.8 pH. When you’re flushing your DWC you simply put 5.8 pH water into the reservoir, let it run for 12-24 hours and make sure you check on it to make sure pH hasn’t fluctuated too much. BUT, if your method works for you, go with it dude! Don’t let me tell you otherwise. After the flush, add all your nutes back in and pH the water back to 5.8, I check my pH at least once a day, usually twice to three times though. Better safe than sorry. There’s very little to worry about if you know your pH is correct! Hope this helps.