Help mothers have been put on 12/12

hi there im hoping my problem can be fixed i have a tent with mothers in it i removed the mothers for couple of weeks and used the tent to veg up new clones and then change to 12/12 so they could go straight in to main room put mothers back into tent 4got to change from 12 12 mother are now at the start stage of bud can i go back 18/6 will this revert them back and if so how will it take for them to get back to veg and ready to clone up cheers for you advise

This will depend how far into flowering they are. If they have flowers, I would just let them finish. Pictures help.

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Thanks for your comment but I really need to try save them as they are all I got and a couple I can no longer get

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I would take some cuttings and clone them. New mother plants and you can save that strain.

Edit: you can take clones now, you don’t have to wait to reveg. They already are flowering, so I would let them finish and take clones now.

Cheer for taking the time out to answer and yep I will do just that :call_me_hand::v: