Help? Most flower now


Imma start flipin them tonite…does it have to be 100% dark no light to flower them. I wanted to pull back curtain for breeze and air but worried outside night light


Yes, no light leaks, or they might revert to vegetative growth, our even turn to hermaphrodites. If you flip now, you will have a very small harvest. They won’t produce flowers until they’re mature enough to do so, then you’re looking at another couple months or so, at least, before harvest.

I think you should adjust your schedule, and find a way to make your grow space light proof. Veg them for another power bill cycle, and I bet having them lighted during off peak hours will drop your bill significantly. Power and water are cheaper than the dispensary, or the dealer. You’re in this far, I just don’t want to see you disappoint yourself :v:


Teust me i thought of it. But my bill is $2300 and the month cycle aint done. I got a email from light co. Sayin aug estimated $2300. Im findin oit hawii rapes with light. Cant afford it now


All that said, some folks do 12/12 from seed, or even 12/12 from clones and run a sea of green setup. Just another option.


Holy guacamole homey! That’s ridiculous.


Yea no shit!!! 2300 1 month that’s hi way robbery


Can you put them outside during the day


Yea ima put them outside 7am-7pm get 12hrs sun then bring them inside 12hrs dark


Brother if you are going to put them outside for the 12 why cant you put them outside until it gets dark then bring them in at least for a couple more weeks. You will be happy you did and the sun is free. For the other 4 hrs they don’t have to be in direct light


Like i can put all 13 like under house lights? To make up 6hrs?


Yes you can get cfl bulbs 23w 6500k or led light bulbs and remove the plastic difuser. You can get a 4 ft shop light and put in cheap grow bulbs. They won’t do much but increase your light period for cheaper


What ever you do try not to run any lights when your electric is so expensive


Yea im thinkin just 12/12 everything see what happens get my bill down and squared off and see what i can and cant do


Or my friend is like either give the 3 older plants 12/12 and keep babies under something like kitchen light for like 6hrs for another month. Im not to sure


You can grow some nice plants off of 23w cfl 6500k light bulbs so your frieND is not giving you bad advise. So can I ask how expensive is your monthly bill withour the grow lights? Would adding say 6 cfl drive your bill up that hi?


I been askin around to see what other ppl pay. My friend said norm is $700. He pays $1500 but has 4 roomates. My 1st month i had no lights and bill was $390. I should have waited or did more info…i had 2 300w led lights on for like 2weeks and got a warning message saying bill for aug was estimated $2300 but didn’t even get july bill. I stopped everything and waitin to see july then aug bill and see what i can and cant do


1st week in the books


after a week of 12/12 im starting to see some magic happening day65