Help me with sex! Hot hot hot

Just wondering what everyone thinks of this. At the top it looks like a she. Towards the next node down is that cajones? Or still too early to tell?

Sure looks like male parts at the bottom but pistils at the top - may have a hermie on your hands but wait for a second opinion. I’m still learning myself


I’m not positive because sometimes a swollen calyx can throw you off
I don’t see bananas or grape growth …maybe give it a few days if you start seeing more of those stacking it’s a herm

Also when you are pruning your plant ? How are you doing it ?

Lol also can we see the entire plant ?

Can pruning make it herm?

I mean I’ve read that certain stresses can cause a herm …I asked because the cuts don’t look clean …like from a sharp object rather like a snap and yank and that is a lot more stress to a plant than a nice clean cut

I’m not convinced you have a herm tho looks like a swollen calyx to me

Can you get any closer or more detailed pic ? Sorry to ask but it would help

I’m using vivo sun pruning shears. I have aggressively trimmed this one just to see what happens.

All good …could just be the angle of the pic …

Are these identical ? Hard to tell from this angle

if so ypu have swollen calyx which is perfectly normal

Here’s what mine looked like early in flower …freaked me out

That’s a hermie for sure.


Ya think? So I should pull…him…her…whatever the hell it is

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Yes, I would dispose of it before the male flowers open and pollinate any females in the area.


Looks hermie to me.


Damn beat me to it. Was gonna do same with his but oh well ya win some ya lose some lol. If u don’t like ur neighbor and they grow stick it in their yard lol. Naw. Bag em and tag em. They mess up a female plant bad even if u don’t want it to it does. Pollen makes it way to a fem quick