Help me with my plants :)

Question from a fellow grower:

I grow them outside in 5 gallon buckets behind my shed. I planted them
in organic planting soil. I water them with regular water
Sometimes I use some miracle grow in the water.

Also can you tell from he picture how much longer they have until i will see them bud?

do you have holes in your buckets for drainage? the curling leaves and burnt tips look like ph issue or root zone problems possible over watering root rot or nutrient build up but primarily would be ph as suspect since you don’t know what you are watering with

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I do have holes in the bottom of the buckets. Not sure if there are enough holes. I water every few days the soil seems just damp so I don’t think it is over watering. The area the plants are is not direct sunlight it is a little shady would that have anything to do it with it. I also noticed little bugs flying around my plants. I just ordered something to test ph. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to help so they don’t get worse ? Can I break these areas off move plants to more sun ?

if the soil seems just damp how heavy do the buckets feel a plant getting minimal light shouldn’t need a whole lot of water which is the reason judging by weight of pot works quite well. Soil should be almost dry before you water damp in top inch can mean soggy in bottom of pot

Can you suggest what I can do if it is an over watering issue? Should i put them in direct sunlight? Should I replant? What can i do to rectify?

Direct sunlight will help evaporate some of the excess water. If you can, maybe add more holes to the bottom of your buckets.

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I have made more holes in my buckets and purchased a PH meter. The PH is between 8 and 9 on all of the plants. The moisture reading is a 10 on all of the plants. I also added some dry soil to the top of the plants. Does anybody have any other suggestions on how I can dry out the soil. The plants are getting pretty big so I am afraid to try to replant them because I may damage the roots. Any thoughts? Do you think they would do fine at this stage if I moved them into the ground and how careful do I need to be with the roots if I replant them?

Well if you added more drainage the ph issue was primarily due to the swampy pot conditions so if you simply reduce/stop watering until pot feels light the plants will drink up the extra moisture over 4-5 days also raise base of pots off ground.

hey W, you got some problems here but not the end yet, by the looks of the leave color maybe some potassium loss, and that could be from over watering, get clear of that Miracle grow, your ph is too high also, gotta get that down a notch to like 6-7 for starters. Its a good idea to ph your water before you add nutrients and after, then you can add and decrease those limits. Get some organic bug spray also for outdoor plants, I’m using “Garden Safe Fungicide 3” for fungus insects and mites.
Now for the Biggee, Do you pull em and re-plant? Ya know, its a learning experience, I might pull one for the Team and see what happens but that’s just me, its an outdoor grow, dig a huge hole an drop it in OR wait it all out and do what YOU think is best. I would get away from the MG and try some Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1