Help me with lighting

Is a 600w UFO led light good enough for a 4x4

There are about 10 million different factors that play into affect here. So the short answer is Yes. But may not be applicable to your grow. :+1:


Welcome to ILGM. Like @iGrowBud pointed out it will grow cannabis in that space. But like many grow lights on Amazon the listed name for light is very deceptive. Most people see 600w and think they are getting a really powerful led light. But your light is only pulling 200w from the outlet which means that it’s really not enough to grow quality buds. It may do fine during veg but you’re likely find that when plant starts to flower your buds will be airy and not very dense.


Welcome to the community. You might look at HLG Quantum boards They are a quality LED light. And the description will tell you the footprint ,For veg an bloom.


Best advice I ever got off here was purchasing hlg quantum boards.


What do you suggest for a 4x4

So would a sf 1000 be good

It looks like the sf 1000 only pulls 100watts from the wall which really isn’t enough to flower nice dense buds

However I have never used a spider farms product so someone else may have better info on them

If you can afford it I know everyone likes the hlg 260 xl kit. I personally have the 550 v2 Rspec and love it but it’s a little more pricey

Where can I get the 260 kit

There are a few places online to order it for around $360. You could also check out budgetgrowlights

Okay thanks will this also be the best choice as far as electric bill as well

Yes the quantum boards are the most efficient lights on the market.

Thanks again def will upload pics when I do it