Help me ! Starting autoflower grow/ New Memeber

What’s going on everybody? New member here looking to get the best info I can from you guys… basically I’m looking to harvest 10bows with as few autos as possible…from what I’ve seen online achieveing 1bow per plant is possible so that’s what I’m going for so what I need to know from you guys is what’s my best way of doing this ? Number one genetics who’s got the best autos? Lights? I’m going LED so what lights have resulted best for you guys? This is gonna be indoor 2 tents 5 and 5… I’d love to go organic and use as little nutes as possible or am I gonna have to end up using a lot to achieve the results I’m looking for? I would like to use coco and perlite and just end up watering 2x a day if needed with PHd water or is this a bad idea? Am I gonna need more than 10 plants for a 10bow harvest? Whatever you guys suggest is highly appreciated not looking to cheap out with this so anyone who has harvested results like this like I said I appreciate any info I can get peace y’all respect

1.5 you think per tent? From your experience what’s it gonna take to get 1 or like 300gs per plant? Appreciate you responding brother

Plants look good bro … are you using any nutes? I’m still looking all over YouTube to see what genetics of autos can do pound per plant… have you seen this 3lb auto?


Autos can be tricky. A few here get large quantities off autos. @HornHead is one I think. Best I’ve done so far is 6 oz off an outdoor auto.
If you’re looking for that kind of yield you should really be growing photos.

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@shindig153 Thanks for the response bro… your probably right about that you think 5 photos per tent I can do a pound per plant?

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Final yield is mostly dictated by the light in true Watts from the wall and efficiency of the light. For 10 lbs, if you assume were to turn your tents 3x/year you would need about 1500W from the wall. That’s ~10 QB288’s and 40 sqft of growing space. The number of plants really doesn’t feed in…only the square footage of canopy.


It’s possible I suppose but you would have to be on your game. Feeding, soil/hydro, lights. @WickedAle just gave you a big piece of the puzzel. It will take an initial investment to get there.

I only got 1 oz off my last indoor white widow auto. I messed up on that one. I prefer photos because they are a lot more forgiving and produce more.

Here are the various autoflower strains sorted by indoor theoretical yield, from highest to lowest:

7oz/sq.yd. Amnezia Haze
6oz/sq.yd. Bergman’s Gold Leaf
6oz/sq.yd. Blueberry
6oz/sq.yd. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
6oz/sq.yd. Gorilla Glue
5oz/sq.yd. Bubble Gum
5oz/sq.yd. Cheese
5oz/sq.yd. Jack Herer
5oz/sq.yd. OG Kush
5oz/sq.yd. Super Skunk
4oz/sq.yd. AK-47
4oz/sq.yd. Northern Lights
4oz/sq.yd. White Widow
3oz/sq.yd. Lowryder

Personally, I grow for the desired traits and disregard the yield, but am growing more for medicinal purposes than recreational.


And those numbers are only guidelines. I was able to get 10z from a AHA (~6 sqft) and 7z fro NLA (~6 ftsq) with QB304’s in DWC.

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@TommyBahama can you recommend any good seed banks? Thanks bro

@WickedAle makes sense… I’m starting to think 5 in a 5x5 might be best way to go for me thanks to all your guys input appreciate it bro

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If you do, I would set the boards and the plants up as an X so that you maximize space and light (1xQB288/plant). Drive 2 x QB288 boards with a HLG240H-C2100A and the other 3 boards with a HLG320H-C2100A. I set mine up on a aluminum sheet, but you would probably have a 4’x3.5’ light foot print so L bracket and the Slate 2 heatsinks would make it more manageable from a weight/size perspective.

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I would think because Autos are Auto, there is no predicting certain growth stages as well as no control over how long the veg is and so on.

I have a blue berry and a northern lights going, I got like 13 days of veg time. I feel going to flower at this age, you miss alot of growth.

But in saying, I would think photos, that is where you would want to put your energy. That is where you will have more control over the yield.

Of course, just my humble opinion, take it as such.

Yep! This one.

The same nice people that host this forum for us.


@kw_Bat with DWC it’s just the opposite, they take a long time to flower. My last set weren’t into flower until week 11. But on the positive side they grow into monsters this way.

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I know I had read some journals where, their Autos where in flower for long time. Is it safe to assume this was DWC?
I thought I was the weirdness was genetics.


From my experience it is. Irrespective of the plant strain.

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@WickedAle @kw_Bat I was reading into @HornHead grow journal he has autos he’s gotten more than a pound per plant I’m basically gonna apply that method to 4 or 5 in one tent 5gal with 2 big cobbs

Question. Do you guys have humidifiers in your tents?

The final yield will all depend on the amount of watts and efficiency of the light. Not the number of plants. A good grow will yield ~1g/watt.

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These are 2 photos from seeds I found from flower I bought at my local dispensary the left is Zilla and right is key lime pie I basically threw them in some coco and and paid no attention to them watered every other day I made the mistake of letting them stretch out they both were laying down when I woke up one morning basically just leaned them up against the watter bottle and turned the fan on … the key lime is standing up perfectly straight but the Zilla is top heavy gonna transport to 3 gallon smartpots either tmrw or next day I honestly wasn’t concerned with them at all I was more focused on the autos but now I’m regretting not paying attention to them let’s see what happens