Help me save my plant


A question from a fellow grower:

This is her today, I didnt water her today at all, she was under light outside sun from 6am to 2pm! Her leaves are now yellow! Is this plant closed to dying give me tips please help I don’t want to lose her!!!

I stop watering her today I used to b4 water her everyday with a small cup water! Is she going to die or live? What should I do?


Any help?? I need help wi a plant lpease anythingh


Your soil don’t look so good. What are you using for soil?
Did you feed this seedling any nutrients.
Your soil looks dry and cracked.
But from what I see it’s pretty much had it.
Download Roberts grow bible. Thai will help you out. And start over.

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Plants will surprise you. Your soil is cracked is it that dry? Stick finger down in soil to see if it wet or dry. It might have been to hot or sun was to much for that small of a plant.


So is she dead? Or she can be rescue? I use natural soil from earth


That right there maybe your problem. The PH is most likely out of range.
Is there anyway you can check your PH ?
If you were giving her water every day… You may have over wateted.
Don’t water for a few days .

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Is my plant still growing? I didn’t water her today! Is my still alive?


I think so. Give her light but not so strong. It’s pretty much a wait and see thing.

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I’m rgowing her in Philippine where ad sun reach up to 97 degrs


Here is a link for a soil tester,

Hope this helps
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Why do I need to check ph on my dirt soil?



There is only one accurate way to adjust the pH. This is using pH test papers or a pH meter. When the pH level is outside the range, the nutrients are less available to the marijuana plant. This means that the roots don’t have access to them and now the plant indicates deficiencies, even though the nutrients may be present. If the pH level is outside the proper pH range, marijuana plants have small dark-green leafs and grow very slowly, when growing in water or soil. Check the pH (by using test strips or a pH meter) before you plant them in soil or planting mix. Your PH should be 6.0 . 6.5 range

Hope this helps