Help me Please whid the Strain name?

Any one knows the name on the strain G.S.C./G.G×4?

Yee I meen after they mix them,Name on the BabyGirl?

Call her GIGI

Haha yee Good name!

You tok me wrong I dont make one I ask about the name on it.
But it is not that strain on market?

It’s called cookie glue

Ok Iam looking on seedfinder but can not found the seeds.
One mix do the 420guyseeds but Never order from that moron again.

Some more seed bank?

Seedsman has them

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Doesn’t look like ILGM has it. Leafly says it is from Equilibrium Genetics.

Sorry, that’s actually gorilla cookies. Think it’s gg4 and thin mint Girl Scout cookies. The banks I’m seeing that has cookie glue I’ve never dealt with so I can’t really suggest any.

Yee Iam more for Indica but when I test G.G very like the smoke day time.
And so many say’s the GSC is daa shith so think I want to test mix does.

I really like both of those strains, so I’m sure I’d like it. GSC is one of my favorites.

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Its also marketed as Glookies, Barney’s Farm has the best on that. I don’t think ilgm has it.