Help me please. What is this?

Was told it’s a CalMag deficiency. I am using 5ml of cal mag in my nute solution.


Make sure your PH is 5.8 and I think it’s Mag Deficiency Use Epsom salt.

I use CalMag 5ml in one gallon. Just added fresh nutes and water yesterday but the night before I removed 3 solo cups of water and added tap water I had no nutes in to my reservoir. I was trying to raise my pH. @crazyots do I have to go get epsom salt right now or will tomorrow be fine. Also how much do I add

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Tomorrow is fine,
I use 1gram to 1 US. Gal

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looks like pH swing and ‘over-watering’,

what has your pH been.?
do u have enough dissolved oxygen at the root zone.?

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Doesn’t it look like it’s just a rash on the leaves and still growing?

@SlowOldGuy @Lostscuba she is still growing. Ph has been in target range of 5.5-6.5. It’s Hydro so I don’t get the over watering part @SlowOldGuy

@SlowOldGuy @Lostscuba also I found out that I wasn’t making my nute mix right. CalMag should have been 1st and I was supposed to wait at least 10 minutes between adding chemicals

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‘over-watered’ is an old gardening term, coined before hydro,
it is actually deprivation of oxygen at the root zone,
‘over-watering’ occurs in hydro when not enough O2 is present in the media/nutrient solution.
solving ‘over-watering’ in hydro is easy, usually u just need more air stones/air.!!

this is not a good range for hydro, 5.8 - 6.2 is ideal,
5.7 and 6.3 is okay for a short time, 5.5 and 6.5 is out of range.!
this is probably the cause of the spots on the leaves.!


@SlowOldGuy my meter says 6.3. But when I use the solution it has an orange tint to it. But it’s not completely orange. Not sure I trust the meter or not but in my calibration fluid it’s dead on 4.0 and 7.0

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if u spent less then $50 it is probably not a reliable meter,
they say the cheap meters work okay but need calibrated often, i don’t trust em.!
4.0 calibration solution.?
i have 7.0 and 2.77 solutions, i thought that was standard for all pH meters…???

knowing your meters r probably of low quality, i would bet your hydro equipment is not great either, ‘over-watering’ and pH swing r strong possibilities.!!

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If u use drops to check just in case it should look like apple juice I am still getting use to the pens

I spent 19 bucks and got ph an ppm only ppm works then I grabbed one for around 44 bucks works good just go for the one with little screwdriver to adjust and calibration

@Lostscuba so it should have a hint of orange in it but more on the yellow side?

Should look like apple juice with the yellow tint take a pic and show me

@Lostscuba this was with my meter reading 6.4

Yes that’s where I kept it when I was using drops they got deal ppm and ph pen 19 bucks man plus if it don’t work they ship right away I have it worked good tell I broke it

Just go by your gut if u think it’s to less or to much start over

@Lostscuba what you think about this

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