Help me please in NY

This is my first grow, I started 2 Girl scoot cookies extreme auto flowering plants, use A Pot fro Pot fabric bags, their super soil, and Bloom City Organics 16 week nutrient grow kit. I did not properly read the grow time, consequently they are growing completely different and I’m not sure how to proceed. I’m in week 10 of nutrients but i read the these are one supposed to grow 80 days. I’m at 12 week total from seed.

What’s the concern?

Flowering times are just an average frlm my understanding

well, i guess i have a few concerns really. first, when i got the super soil i thought it was to be used with nutrients but when i was reading about one of the grow kits from A Pot for Pot its said when using the super soil thats all you needed to successfully grow a plant. I did not at first read it that way and started a 16 week nutrient kit from Bloom City Organics and I’m at week 10, the plants are looking distressed and I’ve been doing everything i thought i should be doing. Should i stop the nutrients now that i know its only a 80 day grow cycle? auto flowering girl scout cookies extreme to be exact. thanks for any help.

is that for the all plant, including the auto flowers?

Have you been giving the he plant veg nutes when it’s in flower? The plant has nute deficiencies from the leafs but if she is flowering I’ve seen that happen before. Autos can go longer than the amount of days the seed says. If you were feeding her veg nutes into flowering that could be an issue but looks like she has some more time. If that is the case switch the nutes to the flowering portion and go from there. How many weeks has it been since she started flowering?

I’m coming to the end of the 2nd week of the bloom nutrients, I’ve been following the instructions that came with the Bloom City Organics kit. so right know she is at day 84 from seed. She has a little bud rot that i cut out. she’s very sticky aromatic. i was reading about flushing her out, and i do not want to wait to long. thanks again

When in doubt, Flush. Then go lightly with the Bloom nutes. One of your plants has spots on the leaves, check the Troubleshooting Guide to identify what these might be. At this stage, I usually spray with Spinosad or Capt Jacks, and diluted hydrogen peroxide, on different days. Clip the bud rot as soon as you see it.

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Flush her out with ph’d water and do a soil Ph. Then start feeding but make sure you ph the water after you add the nutes. You don’t want to get nute lock out now.

Thank you