Help me pick my next strain

The Cannabis Grow Bible is only book I can suggest, im sure there is others… a youtuber named Mr grow it has tons if videos on all kinds of horticultural things and he does pod cast as well where he interviews all kinds of professionals from equipment to fertilizer and ever thing in between…

I’m sure there’s lots if other sources as well .

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Price is really going up on seeds now that it’s legal to grow in many States. ILGM was way cheaper when they charge the credit card in Hong Kong and shipped from the U.K. The first time I bought seeds a few years ago (late 2017 just before it was legal to grow in Cali), the seeds were about $60 for 30 seeds, I got 3 seasons out of them. I just got some more and they don’t look nearly as healthy, only a couple are plump like the previous ones.

The price of the seeds is not a show stopper, just that it seems someone is getting greedy with the times. Might be time to start cloning or pollinating my own seeds. :thinking: