Help me pick my next strain

Tomorrow starts week 6 of my current grow, so i figure its a good time to start germinating my feminized blueberry OG, which means ill need to get the next strain ordered.

This will be my first order from ilgm so im looking for some veteran advice on a fun strain to grow, that might have some unique properties. What i look for in a strain is relaxation, pain relief (if possible), euphoric…but i already got adhd and am bipolar so i dont want anything thats going to overload my brain. Opposite of couchlock is brain jam haha…i also have zero expercience with smoking known strains. In fact my current grow will be the 1st time that ill know what im smoking.

Something with a fruit/citrus flavor or something colorful would be cool. But im looking forward to the grow just as much. It will be a photo feminized seed.


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Effects are derived from the various terpines, so you will want to do some research to find the terpine profile you prefer.

Indicas are more of a sleepy variation, while sativas can produce a more “active” high. There are indica/sativa hybrids among the various strains that you will want to look at too.

The maturity of a plant’s trichomes can also drive the type of buzz you get. Here’s a guide to trichome maturity.


Awesome. Thanks man. Ive been reading like crazy but its a bit overwhelming with the hundreds of strains.

I think one of the things confusing me is sativa vs indica vs trichome development. I did find a post on here that touched on it, but im still not clear. Like, i think i prefer indica, but if i harvest it early, does that give it the same effect as sativa, and vice versa?

And also, im curious if anyone has a strain that they find the most fun to grow.

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Yes, harvesting early will produce a more racy high like a sativa would.

It’s just 2 different ways of producing the same results, imho. There’s a lot of gray area there.

Others may disagree, but in my experience trichome maturity is more significant than whether a plant is an indica or sativa.

My favorite strain is blue mystic, which is an indica dominant hybrid. I smoke for the relaxing effect and to help me sleep, and blue mystic does it perfectly for me. Blueberry is a very similar strain. Blue mystic is blueberry x skunk x northern lights.

I’m growing a blue mystic right now:


I don’t consider my self a vet my freind,
But if I may suggest a mix pack or what ever is 10+10.
Idk how many you run but I’m a thrifty shopper and like to stock pile my self :man_shrugging:


Blackberry kush. Very fruity and has crazy colors all over. Dark purple and bright orange hairs. And tastes like its name to a t


Honestly man, I been eating and smoking weed for over 2 decades, and highs are a little different but it’s all really the same…

I know many with disagree with me I’m sure :man_facepalming:

But if the thc is there and it tastes and smells good,
Dose it real matter if it’s blueberry, lemon, or a skunk that it tastes like?

Not to me it doesn’t :man_shrugging:

It is overwhelming and alm these things do have there place and I do have things I like and don’t like about the different varieties…

And I’m not saying there isn’t a difference, I’m just saying it isn’t as big a deal as it seems.
Definitely not something to stress over…

Imho, trich development is where you should focus, the rest is just cosmetic (imho)


Thats a beautiful plant. The blueberry og* i got also has some cbd. Pack says thc 20% cbd 2.4% cbn 0.03% so im hoping it helps with back pain. Glad to know theres a similair strain on here


Thats a great idea!

Thats definitely something im growing at some point then. Sounds like a fun strain.

I hear ya…makes sense. I think id just like to have an expansive collection with the experience of trying to grow as many as possible, which is why that mix pack sounds perfect.

Hopefully ill be taking my first stab at getting the trichomes right in 2 weeks!


Dark devil was a cool one to grow also. Leaves turn basically black and the bud looks like blood red velvet


You can get more CBN in your “diet” by harvesting with more amber. That’s the point in the grow at which THC begins to be converted to CBN.


See now that is the kind of stuff that sounds fun to grow lol

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If im being honest i cant remember what cbn is…its the cbd that helps with the pain tho right?


CBN and CBD are 2 different things.

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Ive only skimmed the surface on components other than thc…will have to study up more.

I get my CBD as an isolate from Lazarus Naturals. Bluebird and Charlotte’s Web are also reputable companies. MLM and brick and mortar retail CBD is a complete rip off.


I have not tried it yet…the blueberry OG will be my first time. Hoping for good things.

Cannatonic Relaxes me better than any other. Zkittlez helped with pain but it’s an indica. They’re both sweet and flamboyant. I’ll do several strains, that’s what I do.

Banana kush (left) 22daysold Green Crack (right) 17daysold

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