Help me out with this inquiry

Looking for another good seed company with a good variety that’s just as good as ilgm on getting orders to you. Looking for some alcapulco gold and Colombian gold seeds maybe some exotics and overall good genetics maybe suggestions of good seeds on here and which sites give good deals and are easy to process payments

I’m not sure that can be discussed here. Since it’s direct competition.

What’s the promo code? :slight_smile:

I think its ok because ILGM is not world wide though many of us are in other parts of the world. I, and many other business rely on healthy competition. I have mentioned The Real Seed Company many times here, I see no reason for ILGM to be concerned. They sell different seed, they are not in the same country, and they The Real Seed Company sells to my country. If ILGM sold seed to Canada I would love to buy their product, until such time I will be buying my seed elsewhere.

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Stay away from Dutch companies and most European ones. Just do some research before you purchase anything.

99% of us will agree that ILGM has the best seeds with the best policy. With that being said their auto variety does leave a little to be desired. I’ve recently fallen in love with seed city’s variety cause they carry at least a few strains of just about every European breeder. Best budget brands I’ve come across is sweet seeds, blackskull, and royal queen. But with budget seeds you trade savings for stability, you’re plants traits may vary greatly. Also this site has credit card payment and decently low stealth shipping

And whats wrong with European breeds they’ve been at it longer then most?

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North Atlantic seed bank had very easy checkout and quick shipping. Only took a week to get mine and we had a hurricane going up the coast which delayed it a couple days. I also recently ordered from the attitude. Between their August promotion and the bitcoin incentive I got 12 free seeds, all diff strains and breeders with my 70 dollar order. They are saying on their site that delivery is slower than normal right now though so maybe not for you.

Because most of the big ones are just reselling seeds they buy in bulk from south america.


I’ve had great luck with Seedsman.

@WeedGrower47 DO NOT BUY FROM PACIFIC SEED BANK. Crappy seeds slow delivery worst customer service experience ever. I’ve read about Seedsman on here and used them when looking for a strain ILGM doesn’t carry.