Help me out please. Not sure what’s going on here

Not sure what’s going on. Tips of some of my leaves are browned and crispy. I’m a couple of weeks til harvest. I was away only for 2 days and she doesn’t look the same. I had the 300 watt led about 16 inches above canopy. Moved it to 20 just in case. Any ideas
All help would be greatly appreciated

Zkittles auto.
65 days from seed. 5 1/2 weeks flowering
2 gallon fabric pot in soil
2x2x5 indoor tent. 300 watt led
Temp is 20-25 Celsius. 45-60 humidity
Ventilation and fans installed

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What kind of Nutrients?
Soil, what kind?
Ppm in/out?
Ph out?
What kind of water? Tap water? RO water? Etc

Well, I have to ask. A
re these autodlovers? I ask because, if they are Fenimized, tehn it takes a minimum of 2 to 15 weeks from seed. Now growing in a 2 gallon pot can allow you to harvest earlier bu=y a month mid you used 14/10 or 12/12 photoperiod to shoreten the grow and maturation of the plant.


It’s an auto. I used the super soil from a pot for pot. All nutrients are premixed. All you need to do is water and give light. My first time ever growing so I went with the easiest I could find. I use bottled water with a ph of 6.3. She is on an 18/6 schedule all the way from seed. My next grow I may need some soil advice


I’m by far no where near an expert compared to others that have responded. I do know it’s common for leaves to start to die towards the end of her life. However at 5 weeks of flower, not sure that should be happening yet.

All the pros on here will be asking you the same questions. What’s your PH going in, going out? What’s your PPM going in and coming out. The reason they ask is because they can tell a lot about what’s going on with the plant just by those stats.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much more for you here. I too used a type of ‘super soil’ advertised as only water being needed. My leaves started to do the same at the tips too. (coming up on week 4 of flower) Mine also had rust spots developing. I’ve started to give cal-mag at feedings. Hoping that helps.

I’ll be watching this thread to see if you can narrow down the issue. Good luck and I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Since there are supposed to be no added nutrients, this is the pot for pot kit. It looks to me a little short on phosphorus for flowering. You’re almost to the finish line, and she will finish okay. Not much you can do unless you choose to add nutrients. @Diggwilly


And turn the lights down to 12/12. Plants dont eat during their dark cycle so cutting 6 hours out will help alot too.


I changed to 12/12 for the final weeks, I think it may have something to do with the watering. I was watering every 2 days or so going by weight. I was giving nearly a half gallon every 2 days and she soaked up most of it in that time. I started giving a little over 1/2 gallon since she was drinking almost until dry. Could this be an issue? Should I go back to a little under 1/2 gallon? Ph and all is right where it should be. Having a little bit of an issue with humidity due to the summer heat. Hard to get it down under 60 percent. I have a dehumidifier coming soon. Normally keep it between 40-60. It’s at 64 now. Slowing going down. Maybe this is an issue??

Is your carbon filter on the floor and than ran to top of tent with duct? Hard to tell, but kinda looks that way in picture.

I had the filter up top but the plant grew to high so I had to move it. Air flow is great

Is not solely about having good airflow. You should be bringing in your makeup air through bottom where your co2 will try to settle them pulling warmest air out from top.

The way you have setup will exhaust your co2 and pull heat from your light down toward your canopy.


If you’re not aware, you can solve this by placing the charcoal filter and blower outside of the tent and reversing the flow.

This way you can still run the vent line to draw air from the top of the tent.

I’m about to do the same if my current plant stretches much more.

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So I could put both the fan and carbon filter outside of the tent blowing in? I’m confused A photo would help if anyone has

Right now your setup should be pulling air through the filter(as the intake) → duct → blower fan → duct to outside of tent / open air.

To reverse this, place the carbon filter on the floor outside and duct it to the fan opposite how it is now (literally flip the blower around)

Your new airflow is now duct passing into top of tent (intake) → blower → duct —> carbon filter / open air.

As long as you physically flip the blower you’ll still be pulling air from the tent. But it will now be drawing from the top (far preferred)

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Ahhhhh. I thought so but wasn’t exactly clear on how. Got it. I’ll switch it around. Hope it helps. Any other suggestions on how she’s looking? Any advise at all is always welcome

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The others were probably on right path. Ph and ppm in vs out would probably help figure this out. You may be close enough that there wouldn’t really be time to fix though too.


I need to get a reader and figure out how to measure ppm in and out. I’m so new to this. I have a ph meter a moister meter. My next grow I’ll try and figure it all out correctly. This was my test run. I’m using the 2 gallon fabric pot with A pot for pot grow kit. Should I go a different route next go around? Soil wise?

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Don’t mess around with probe combo meter. Get yourself a decent ph pen, and at least cheap digital tds tester. Will make things a lot easier to stay on top of.

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Ok cool. I have a ph pen already. Also a prong lol.

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Day 79

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