Help me, Obi Weed Kenobi. You're my only hope!

Hey all. Got a GSC that isn’t living it’s best life. What am I seeing here? Any help is really appreciated!!

did you splash nutes onto that leaf when watering or feeding?

Nope. I haven’t done any liquid nutrients yet. We transplanted them into some Oceans Forest soil, which does have extras in it and the PH has gotten into the 7s but we’re watering with distilled water with lime juice to get the ph to a 5-6.

You want your soil to be between 6.0-7.0pH
5pH is too low for soil. You are locking nutes out of your plants uptake range.

The pH sweet spot for soil is 6.3-6.8pH.
It’s common to let the waterings range 6.5-7.0pH because the soil will buffer it a bit.
If the FFOF is fresh soil, don’t give them any nutes because it’s pretty heavy on vitamins.
It lacks P and K but you’re not into flowering just yet.

This might help. Pay close attention to the right hand graph

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That is awesome, thank you!! So what do you think my problem is? It’s escalated over the past 3 days

Don’t hold my feet to the fire over my answer because there are always details that are
missed. I believe you have a combination of issues. pH issue and nutrient deficiency.
One problem will creep but it’s accelerated when something else goes wonky.

Check soil pH by doing the slurry test and then give them a dose of vitamins.
(Find the slurry test online by doing a web search for “Soil pH slurry test” and
the first dose of vitamins should be at 1/3 or 1/4 strength to see how they react)

Remember to water fully to the point of run off once you get this issue hammered out.
Only water if you insert your finger into the soil up to your second knuckle, if it’s damp/moist
wait one more day.