Help me, my leaves have white dots and buds turn brown

I need help, I see on the leaves of the plamts some white dots and some of the buds turn brown. The leaves curl down but theu still feel wet. I think it may be spider mites but not sure. I cut down the leaves that were infected and I use a spray against mites and other bug (always after the light are turned down). I would be very grateful for diagnostics or some tips. (On the photo is just one infected leaf I hope you see it)

That looks like powdery mildew imo cut the limb off and get a bottle of neem oil and spray or dip your plant.
Look up powdery mildew on here to confirm what you have hope it’s not boyotris.

Another way to prevent this is a good light and airflow and a temperature of 77 degrees but it depends on your grow method to

I am realy not sure if it is it. Becuase the leaves after time curl down in strange way. And do not turn yellow like they wrote on this site. They just have white dots first, then they curl down, do not fall but they are wet and easyly romeved. I grow indoor in tamperature of 68-77. Airflow is not very good because I dont have a lot of space but once a day for a few hours I turn up a ventilator for about 3 hours. Lights are cfl

O.k. what is your light? Tent size and exhaust fan

Do you have a jewellers loupe or a good magnifying glass check your dead leaves for bugs

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Can you try to get some pictures that are a little more clear?

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I can see some black dots seems like bugs on the dead leaves. Searching for a loupe if i find i will send a photo about it. Tent size is 40x40x120 but had to change it a little to 40x20x120. I know it is really not good but I dont have a way to change it and anyway I do not grow to full size.


On some places I have white dots but on some small holes I just saw

Looks like bug damage. You need to try and find out what kind of bugs so we can treat for them


Can you get some neem oil spray this is a good shotgun approach and i have great results with it

@ThcinKC how does your method work with the neem oil?

My area is bad with aphids but it seems that the spider mites are more deadly.

I buy the purest neem oil pest fungicide spray check your ingredients on the bottle i will post pictures when I get home of my stuff. There’s spraying the plant and then hold the pot and turn it upside down and spray all the under leaves and then re apply every 7 days for 4 applications
Dipping i have used 5gal buckets to storage totes mix your solution and fill the tote or bucket and dip your plant in there and gently swish it around and keep it under the solution for 30 seconds.
I found a cheap skillet and cut a 2in notch in it to the center makes it easier to hold your plant upside down while dipping.
You Should plan out a IPM for your garden and bio control’s need to be started at the time of plantin. Lacewings work very well
There’s a great person to check out she’s called the bug lady her name is Suzanne Wainwright-Evans her website is I have meet this woman and she is sharp like a razor and explains everything the whole way through and work’s with giant pot farms.
Now that your plant is dipped you need to combat the eggs in the soil there’s lot’s of beneficial bugs you want to use but indoors in a tent baking soda and water takes out alot also fine powdered diametacous earth on top of your soil. I use baking soda and water as a last resort or there’s so many problems it’s just screwed. For the most part i keep neem oil, fine powdered de, and copper soap and that pretty much has handled my problem. Also 3% hydrogen peroxide at like 5 tablespoons to a gallon of water to get rid of molds in soil has worked pretty well for me to

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If you go to kis organics and go to podcast she has 3 interviews and are great for more information and keep a pen and paper handy hope this helps you

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I can’t flip my pots im growing outside but ill keep all that in mind next spring while I’m germinating indoors!

The spray isn’t just pure neem oil, it’s a oil designed specifically for plants?

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Yes it is a plant product here the pictures of them


I checked out my notes for my outdoor growing and this keeped my plants free of the bad bugs
Ahimsa Organics Neem Cake Pellets (formerly meal)

Neem Cake is used in agriculture as a soil amendment. Excellent for Vegan Organic Gardening.

Neem Cake is the residue obtained from neem seed kernels which have been crushed to extract the oil. It is an excellent Organic Soil Amendment. Neem Cake has been known to enrich the soil and protect the plant. Earthworm populations have been known to increase where Neem Cake has been applied.

Use full strength or mixed with other organic (kelp, seaweed, manure, etc.) or inorganic inputs to an extent of 10% to 15% by weight. Apply before (the area can be prepared up to a week or 10 days before planting) or during planting or for established plants around root zone. Use mixed into the soil 6-8 inches or as basal dressing. Coverage:180 to 360 lbs./acre, 1lb. for plots 100 to 160 sq. ft.

There’s should be a ag store that the farmers use to buy their fertilizer and you should be able to get this there and have really good healthy plants do not buy this at a grow store you will get ripped off there

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Awesome info! Getting a organic grow plans together for next spring and this is absolutely perfect.

Thanks for sharing!