Help me identify these bugs please

Went to give my white widow autoflower some water when i noticed the soil go crazy with movement. Im growing in a supersoil mixture. They are very tiny light colored, long cylinder shaped bugs. Thanks for any help. If the pics are inconclusive i do have a video that maybe i could send along, any help is appreciated.

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Eeew burn em. I hate bugs. Yuk. Might not be a bad thing idk. @Covertgrower is this a bad infestation or a good thing. Idk about supersoils

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Have to zoom in a lot to see them but look like fungus gnat pupa. Do you have any flying around? Very small, kinda look like fruit flies.


Nothing flying atm. Could these be thrips?

Absolutely could be. Hard to tell though since it’s such a distant pic. Can’t see any legs from this distance.

These little things move really fast, not sure if that helps

Do they have legs? Gnats won’t have legs, thrips will.

Some large of some sort

Yup, looks to be two legs each side on em

I will set out a sticky trap and try to get so better pics

This is a shot of both life stages



Either way it looks like diatomaceous earth is in your near future

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Yup de for sure! Thanks for you help

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