Help me I’m new!

Need all kinds of help, but currently confused about the lights for seedling/sprout stage.
I bought a 1200w LED wakyme hanging light that has VEG and Flower switches, for my 4x4 tent.

Q1: Do I hang this a few inches up on Veg setting, or do I need to use a different light, light my standard bulb desk lamp?

Q2: am I supposed to leave the bottom Velcro flaps open on my tent, and my Vevosun fan and filter suck out the stink?

Q3: when do I start using nutrients and testing ph? After transplanting to my 5gals?

My babies just popped up a couple days ago(they’re in a cardboard egg carton-no dome), and I’m trying to do 18/6, I spray them w filtered tap water twice a day, and have ph up/down arriving tomorrow, along w testers. Got flora gro, and cal-mag.
Haven’t used anything except the lights and water so far.

Thank you for any help you can offer!!!:call_me_hand:

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Welcome to the site you will like it here.

Lots to unpack here.

First I would get your seedlings into, at a minimum, 16 ounce party cups. There is not enough soil in an egg crate to do much. Then don’t over water. I moisten my solid in party cup 24-hours before seeds go in. Then as the seedlings grow I measured 6ml and that is how much water they get. Seedlings get most of their water through their leaves so a dome of some type helps. You can use sandwich bags over the cups or cut water bottles. Almost anything will work.

Q1. You can grow with this light but it is actually only a 200w light. If you can afford better I’d return and upgrade. Veg switch on 24 hours until they get established about a week. The. 18/6.

Q2. I never open my vents. I don’t want light to get into the tent when they are sleeping. You will not have to worry about smell until you get into flowering a few weeks. I run mine now for heat control, my plants are 20 ish days old.

Q3. Ph testing when you start to add larger amounts of water. I start when they get 150ml or more per watering. Mine are in 1-gallon pots and are only getting a cup and a half per watering event. I use small amounts of nutrients early which is opposite if a lot of growers. Many say they don’t use nutrients until the cotyledon turn brown. The reason I use nutes before they turn brown is there are a lot of growers who use amended soil from the beginning which have nutes in them and it dosen’t hurt the plant in the correct amount.


Awesome. I’ll return light and do solo cups w domes. Should I very gently transfer now, to either my 5gal or into solo cups? Sprouts are like .5” to 1” high…
I had the light on them at like 5” overnight, this morning they’re all pulling away from the light. Sprayed them and left them in dark for the last hour.

Would Mars Hydro TS 1000w work? It’s $189 on Amazon. Or do I need bigger for 5-6 plants in my 4x4?

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The mars hydro is sized for 2.5x2.5 ft area and is a step up but still only 150 watts. The light needs to fit the area, plant count not such a big deal. I’d recommend two of those for that area. Do you have a 4x4 tent?

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Lighting a 4x4 properly will cost you around $750-800. I’d go with HLG 260 xl times 2


Yeah, 4x4. Dang…that’s an expensive light! Broke right now but but def want to do it right. Will suck it up and buy it asap…

Want to have about 6 plants going year round and hoping for at least 4oz from each. Have a basil plant and a bell pepper plant I was going to have in there too, I read that especially the basil helps keep away pests/etc? But would use it when cooking as well.

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In my opinion, 6 plants in a 4x4 my be stretch to get 4 oz each plant. They like their room and more room bigger plants. My last grow was 4 in a 4x4 and I ended with 4 oz each plant. Light omg is going to be a key factor. Below is my journal from last year.

If you’re looking to maximize yield over a year look into perpetual grows. I could harvest 2 plants every 4-6 weeks.

2019-2020 Journal


Awesome, thx!


Welcome to this forum. As others pointed out, lights are probably the main factor in plant growth…buds . If you train your plants properly and again my opinion, maybe not 4 oz per plant you may get total weight your seeking with the 6 plants…more bud on one plant versus another. happy growing and remember that people here are willing to help…we all are learning :bat: :rofl:

So my first 5 seeds, 4 popped up for 2days, then fell over(stayed green but stopped growing) but I wasn’t administering proper light, and I had use miracle grow. And no dome.


Round two. Three seeds, two sprouts. Got a domed container this time, high end organic dirt not full of additives, and a $700 light that I’ll set to daylight and hang 24” from my sprouts and run 24/7, Spray 2-3x a day?

I would check and make sure your humidity is where it should be in the 70 to 80% or so. You may want to check a few times a day and mist if necessary, remember not to much moisture at this stage of growth. happy growing :bat: :rofl:

So round two is looking great so far I think. image

Lighting is marshydro TS 3000W

Keeping my babies at 29 c, 80% humidity, 24hrs of light at 50% (dimmed).

Btw, What size containers should I have for eventual transfer, I’ve got 7g, which are sounding too big. Would 1gal be better?

If the size of your tent is 4x4 and you have 2 plants then you could go with the larger pot. I use 5 gal pots for my grow in a 4x4 tent. I have grown in 3 gal pots . The larger the pot the more room for root growth. Go with what you feel comfortable with, but I won’t go with 1 gal for permanent pot. Just like to maximize my efforts. good luck and happy growing. this hit for you :rofl: :bat:

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Cool. Will keep the larger pots then.

Going for 4 total plants, got another two sprouting today. Had duds that I had to replace.

Had a friend say that I shouldn’t do more than 4 in a 4x4? Want to maximize my yield. Got nutes for later. My first grow after all, don’t want to go crazy.

I think that four plants will be a good choice. A lot of learning to come with this endeavor. I am sure that you will be able to get some nice smoke. :rofl: :bat:

I’m a little worried.

My babies were reaching for the sky recently. I thought that meant they wanted more light so turned light up to 100%(I’ve had it at 50% at 24”)

Yesterday pic, been at 50% on light

Today, after all night at 100%

They’re reaching up significantly more after the night of extra light. Turned it back to 50%.

What should I do?? I’ve been spraying them w tap water btw, 150ppm, 7.4ph

What is your ph? Your right to cut back the light intensity. You may have to not mist your plants so much. Give it time to see how it is growing. The most difficult thing is patience. happy growing, they are starting there journey. :rofl: :bat: