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Greetings growers,

First-time grower here. Stoked to be a part of the forum. I have been scanning for days, picking out pertinent information that will help me with my grow, but I am in need of expert advice.

Seeds planted on 4/14/2020
I purchased feminized PuTang seeds from wellgrownseeds that were bred by Mass Medical Strains. In the package, I also received a few freebies (5 Mr. T seeds and 3 Bintang Mas) so I planted all of those mfs cuz why not. I am 9 days into the grow (not including germinating the seeds for 3 days before planting them into solo cups) and I have a new grow light that is being delivered today at any moment. It is the Mars Hydro TS1000 grow light From what I have read, it seems like I should set the timer to run light 18 hours a day with 6 hours of darkness afterward. For the early stage of growth that I am in, I believe I am supposed to hang the light anywhere from 18-24 inches from the plants. Is this correct?

This cannabis will be grown indoors until around June 1st, at which I will transplant the plants into 15-gallon fabric pots and place them inside a 20’ x 11’ grow tent that I am looking at. I live on Cape Cod so the weather is not permitting for outdoor growth until the end of May/ early June.

I am growing in Coast of Maine Stonington Blend mix. I have 1-gallon fabric self-adhesion pots ready to transplant my solo cups into at any time, but I could use some advice when to do so.

Here is a picture of my plants on day 9. Only 1 of the PuTang seeds (red solos) has sprouted (the breeder told me the other day that strain sometimes takes a bit longer to sprout but has an extremely high germination rate). Nearly all of the Mr. T and Bintang Mas (blue solos) have sprouted. They were looking a little tall and wobbly to me (which is why I gave some of them a little support system).
Please leave comments down below to help clear up some first-time confusion I have. I appreciate your help in a time like this, it sure is nice to have a project going during quarantine.

p.s. I currently am growing these plants in my basement which is probably around 60 degrees (I know, not ideal)

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Welcome to the forum! Happy growing. :seedling:

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They look healthy, though they are stretching quite a bit (tall and wobbly.) You might give them more light to minimize the stretch. I always bury mine up to their necks when I transplant each time.

That’s a big tent, and if putting them outdoors to you should have a really nice harvest.

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Those sure have stretched. I hope you find the answers you need. And always ask away for help.

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Day 10 into my cannabis grow. My Mars Hydro TS1000 light that I received yesterday is a gamechanger. I am super happy with the purchase. It seems to be built with quality materials and it pumps out great light. I have positioned 18 inches above my plants.

Quick question for you guys: The temperature in my basement is only 60 degrees and humidity is around 45% or so. I placed a semi-clear tub over the top of my plants to act as a humidity dome. Under the light with the dome, the temperature is around 71 degrees with 53% humidity.

Do y’all think this is a good idea? Feel free to send recommendations for better ideas too :slight_smile:

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Definitely a good idea to keep them domed for awhile until they mature a little. Highly recommend to heat the basement up if you can. They’ll grow at 60° but not really well.


Spray the Inside of dome with water to make humidity higher. Plants will love it.

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Waddup guys,

5/3/2020: 19 days since germination
Thank you guys for the recommendations 9 days ago. I took your tips into account and have seen tremendous growth in my plants. I was successfully able to stabilize my humidity dome at 74 degrees with 70-80% humidity on a 18/6 light cycle. I have been watering my plants using a spray bottle every other day or whenever I see the soil pulling away from the cup.

This has been my favorite week yet in my grow! It has been really exciting to see them grow so quickly! 9 days ago they had 2 layers, now they each have 3-5 layers of leaves.

Unfortunately, 7 of my seeds did not sprout. After 19 days of no sprout, I have thrown in the hat and I reached out to my seed supplier. I am extremely happy to say that he will be replacing my seeds. Now I will be able to grow all the PuTang that I was hoping :slight_smile:

Below are pictures from day 19 of my grow. Of the 15 seeds I planted here are:
1 PuTang seedling
4 Mr. T seedlings
3 Bintang Mas seedlings

Question for you all: When should I transplant my plants from my solo cups into 1-gallon pots? I have them at the ready. I will be purchasing 15-gallon pots to transplant them into before placing outdoors around June 1st.

Question 2: When will I be able to tell whether or not my freebie seeds are male or female? The Bintang Mas and Mr.T are regular seeds – while the PuTang were feminized.

Thanks! Hope all are well.

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Ooooo another question: When transplanting them to 1-gallon pots, should I bury the stem so that only the leaves are positioned above the soil? @FixedPower you mentioned this 10 days ago

5/4/2020: Transplant Day
Today I transplanted my 8 plants from solo cups to 1-gallon fabric pots 20 days after germination. They seem to have handled the transplant well. I was intimidated to do this as it is my first time and it was fairly difficult, but nothing that is not doable.

I used another solo cup to fill my soil around in my pot which allowed me to have a perfectly sized hole for my plant. I did not have any holes in the bottom of my cup so the roots were not bound to the cup, which made the transplant easier.

I have raised my light up a few inches to correspond to the change in height of my pots. My lamp is positioned 18 inches above my plants on an 18/6 light cycle.

Stoked to see the progress over the next few weeks! Fingers crossed the transplant turns out well.

Let me know what you think!

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They look great, you did good on the transplant.

Thanks! Quick question: How often should I water now?

Hey guys, hope all is well.

5/22/2020: 38 days since sprout
I have seen incredible growth in my plants in the last 18 days since transplanting into 1-gallon pots. They took to their new homes really well and they are now looking like they are ready to upgrade to the 15-gallon pots that I have ready to go. They will be transplanted in a few days.

I have maxed out my indoor growing capabilities and the weather on Cape Cod is getting warmer every week. I have a 20x10x7 greenhouse that I will be constructing in the next few days. I plan to transplant my 8 plants from 1-gallon pots into 15-gallon pots and then move them into the greenhouse.

A few questions I have for you all before doing so:

  1. I am running my grow light on an 18/6 light cycle. Will moving my plants outside cause them to begin to flower due to the light change from 18/6 to 12/12? Is there something I can do to avoid this from happening?
  2. Should I give them some time indoors after transplanting into 15-gallon pots to reduce the chance of shock? Or can I move them straight outside after transplanting?

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1- they will start to flower once moved outside, but it’s my opinion you want that to happen. Figure 2-3 weeks transition then 2-3 months flower. So if you put outside Aug 7, transition to flower will be done by Aug 21-ish, Finishing late October/early November.

2- I would give them a few days. Or do your outside transition first, then put up.

Girls are looking good.

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