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Question from a fellow grower:

Have never done this before. I received the seeds. Will be growing in a garage in California. Can you provide me direction the best kind of set up. Legally we can grow 6 plants. Is that 6 seeds out of the 20?

What soil would you recommend? I manufacture LED grow lights. Would you use 60 PAR, 100PAR or 200 PAR LED grow lights, these use 60w, 100W or 240W respectively. Would i keep on 18 hours and 6 hours off or go 24 hours until they become smaller seedlings? Should I use a tent around the plants?

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You have a lot of valid questions. So you have a better understanding of the process I would recommend reading one of the growing guides at the top right, or download the grow-bible (on here somewhere).

Short answers? Yes, 1 seed will produce one plant. If you plan on cloning then that would add to your plant total.
Soil? I use a few different Fox Farms soil mixes, Pro-Mix makes good ones, and some people mix their own. Main thing is not to get Miracle-Gro or any soil that has “timed released” nutrients. Great for tomatoes, terrible for weed.
Lights? I am not the go-to person on that, so I’ll defer - beware! this is the ‘can-o-worms’ question. Plenty of threads on DIY lights.
Lastly, some do lights for 24, at first, some don’t. I use 18/6 from the beginning to reduce the stress of a light change.


Get a pH and ppm meter. Two most useful tools to have


A tent is a good idea; fans, dehumidifier, a heater may be necessary in a garage (I’m in a garage in SoCal). As for lighting; the rule of thumb is 35 to 50 plug watts of lights per square foot. So; a 2 X 4 tent needs 300 to 400 watts of lights to properly illuminate it.

I second the PH and TDS meters: they are the most useful tool you will own.


First off why don’t you join us here on the forum as you can see we have extremely friendly and helps group of members that love to help
18-6 is the schedule most use during veg

If you plan on doing 6 plants youll need a decent size tent otherwise the plants will be crowed once mature min 2x2 per plant
The higher your par rating is the better the first lants will react fyi
You dont need alot of light to germinate tho
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i am new to all of this

very new to all of this

OK. You need:
water testing meters and the pH adjustment solutions for your water
A consistent water source.