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Question from a fellow grower:

I’m a new grower and I have to many questions to ask so I’ll limit them to a few:

I’m trying to decide on the right right full spectrum LED grow light. I will only be growing 1 or 2 plants at a time in the same space.

I love a good sativa with energetic treats. I wanted to tackle Sour Diesel until I’ve heard its not a good 1st grow plant. Any ideas which would be ideal for my situation?

I have many more questions but I know you have many questions to answer for my fellow beginning growers.

First off I would like to welcome you to ILGM And we all hope that you join our community.

I’m going to tag a good friend to help you with your L. E. D light question

As for a good Sativa you need to get Roberts " GOLD LEAF " You’ll thank me later.

And you feel free to ask as many question that you feel that you need to ask. Because there are a lot of fokes here who are willing to help in any way they can…So ask away my friend

Be Safe


Thank you. I will be hitting you up a lot.

And i’ll be waiting right here…lol for ya !

Train Wreck is a good daytime smoke

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I’d to start sour diesel but I’ve read it can be difficult. Can I grow 2 different strains in the same tent as long as I keep them the same height? I will be using feminized seeds

Thanks for tag @garrigan62!

@Psu8286 how big is your grow space? If you already have seeds your planning to run don’t worry too much about how difficult they may or may not be. Just get your space together well and try to keep your environmentals as close to ideal as possible.

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If you are growing in soil, you can grow as many different strains as you have room for

Suggest you KISS everything possible. Grow one strain at a time. Why? Even same strain plants will grow a different speeds. Mixing strains will complicate your first experience.

Keep It Simple


I grew a sour diesel for one of my very first grows and it turned out okay. It was not from ilgm though. It was a local dispensary clone. Like some generous member noted it may or may not be difficult for you… if you want to try something I say go for it. You just want to enjoy your grow! Treat yourself!
A couple of the same strains would probably be good to start with as another member noted. But I am such a variety junkie I now grow all different kinds together. I’ve been growing for a few years but I’m only on my 4th quote-unquote serious grow. When I was growing my Sour Diesel I didn’t even own a pH pen. It turned out okay tho, but I’d like to think this website help me mature and gain knowledge in my growing (apera pH20, pH meter is what I use now). Have a nice morning

Okay thank you for your help

:+1: always good advice keep it simple

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as mentioned Keep it simple Consider soil because it’s more forgiving and can take a lot of abuse, a #00 WATT LED will do just find for one plant and you can get one for a bout $89.00. You will find that after you have a few grows under your belt that you will want to p-grad your lighting, which is normal

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if you want to flower in a 2x2 grow sq ft space with one (maybe 2 small plants) i recommend horticulture lighting group 135 v2 3000k

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I’m looking at s space to grow one or 2 plants at a time maybe 4x2x72-80. I’ve been looking at
an HGL 135 2v 3000k, would that be a good light for that area or is that to small? I want a good quality light that won’t break the bank.
I’m also looking at a 6 in AC Infinity cloud line T6 fan and carbon filter for my grow tent.
How’s this sound to start my little garden?
Thanks as always.
How are the Viparspectra LED’s I see on Amazon?


If you think you’ll want them grow 2 plants I would say a 2x4 is about perfect. The ideal light hlg offers for that space is the xl 260 kit. The ac infinity t6 is a great fan for that space as well. The two of them would have you started with a top notch setup. The vipars are reasonable for the cost, but not really competitive with the higher end led lights.


Thanks loads. Gotta start saving for light now.


No problem, you won’t regret it. Everyone loves them, and lots of beautiful grows with qb’s too.

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@Psu8286 just want to say welcome to the forum I see you’ve meet a few of our members they are all awesome and friendly hope you enjoy the community and hang with us for a while
Happy growing :v:CB


Thank you I am overwhelmed right now with all this information I’m taking in

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