Help me get rid of spider mites please

Whats the best solution to eradicating spider mites? I used neem oil warm water & detergent before. My newest plant is in week two of flowering.

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I would stop the neem now that you are in flower. Most people around here use capitan jacks dead bug. Most get the concentrate and mix it double strength


Capt Jack’s Dead Bug is good and safe on flowers. Heavy mist every other day, be sure to get bottoms of leaves. Then every few days after to control. I spray mine twice a week just as precaution, but I’m growing outside.


Well you forget to add the most important information. Are your mites indoors or out? If indoors permetherin bug bomb, outdoor permetherin spray as I have had no luck with Capt Jack the scam artist

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I have tried many products to combat bug issues down in South Texas and they just shrug it off. I’m talking about our White Peach tree and veggies. Only thing I have grown outdoors here successfully is Bell Peppers and spicy peppers.

I finally gave up on the veggie garden.

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@Myfriendis410 I don’t understand what happened I got a notice that something happened but it didn’t say what or why

No idea; maybe done in error?

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Its indoors. Thanks for the advice

Others may disagree so study it some but in my experience spraying gobs of stuff on them every few days that never really works is just not the way to go. Bomb them 3 times. Once every three days and they are gone.