Help me get my first patch

Want to grow California dream indoors. Planting end of september, want harvest in the early months (Jan-March) 2018. What kind of setup do I need? Lights, soil additives, pots, etc

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Here is a basic setup of what you will need along with prices. You wont need it all to start, but you will need most of it eventually, plus some!
But it will give you a good idea on how much to prepare to spend.


You might want to read the grow bible as well… :wink:

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I’ll add to the great info @Rugar89 and @peachfuzz gave, you had better get moving if you plan on a January harvest.


You should check out Michigan m3 mix aka Michigan marijuana mix great soil has all nutrients you’ll need for grow already in it all you add is water and its sterilized so no damn fungus gnats…

Was wondering if you have used this soil, I know this is a old thread so hoping you get this. I’m interested about M3