Help me:(? Fungus? Cal deficiency? Or..?


This is my first grow.
She drinks 4lt of water every day.
(5gal bucket)
The plant looks quite healthy. It smells very nice. The only problem is the stains on the leaves.
No small tubers like pimples or mites. Could it be a cold night? I don’t use the heater.
2 weeks ago I sprayed the whole plant with neem oil.
Light on. Temp 75f off 60f
Hum %55-60
600w hps
Could it be the lockup of food caused by the fluctuation of Ph? Or


No expert, but could it be 'Leaf septoria ?

Gonna tag along @WickedAle @Myfriendis410


Pics of the plant under normal light are preferable.

Is that on just one or two leaves?
How much Neem oil / gal of water did you use? Did you use soap, how much, and what type?
It might be light burn from spraying with lights on.

Also, don’t use neem while the plants are flowering. It can give the buds some “off” flavors.


I’m tending to believe it is the Neem oil as well. Is it more on the top then the undergrowth?


Good info: just need better pictures. How much of the plant is affected?


I’il upload new photos. Only lower leaves.
I think it’s calcium lockdown. I’ve learned that some ph intervals have calcium lockout. I have learned that between 5.9 and 6.2 there are ideal ph values in DWC .It’s definitely not fungus because my plant is quite alive.any ideas?

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Yeah; first discontinue using Neem oil. It’s only recommended in veg. Better to use 3% peroxide straight, followed by either “Safer” spray or “Captain Jack’s Dead Bug”.

It looks like a PH departure at some point that caused your issues but have you done a CLOSE visual of the undersides of the leaves up near the stem? If you have any nasties they will congregate there.

I have had my RDWC up to 6.1 with zero issues.