Help Me Find Marijuana Eyedrops


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"I have late stage glacoma. It has been treated for 30+ years with the eyedrops Lantanoprost, Bromonodine & Dorzolomide/timolol. Then about 8 months ago I found a marijuana eyedrop, made in Jamaica called canasol.& it was really helping my condition. My opthamologist was very encouraged.

Then in July of this year the man I buy it from in Jamaica, Peter West, stopped contacting me or sending me the drops. I know not why. Every time I contact him he gives me a line of bullshit as to why he can’t send me any drops.
So I am contacting you to ask if you know of anyone else who is making marijuana eyedrops?
I am desperate because my doctor tells me the eyedrops I have been using for so many years are not working for me any longer & I am in danger of going blind. Can you help me??"


You can’t legally buy anything that contains THC online. (THC is the active ingredient in Cannabis)

You can buy eye drops with CBD in them online

Search “CBD Eye Drops” and they are all over the place.

I’m truly not sure if the eye drops that the fellow in Jamaica was sending you contained THC or not? And I’m also not sure if THC could benefit you through the eyes?

Try the CBD Eye Drops and see if those help. if not there are ways to add MJ to it by growing your own or buying MJ Concentrate and adding it to the drops.