Help Me Diagnose this

This plant has always kind of been a runt but I’m not giving up on her. Could you please tell me what the leaves are saying. From research I think it’s a cal/mag issue or maybe nute burn.

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need more info pls. don’t overfeed your baby, she’s young…

Plant is a little over 3 weeks and i recently repotted into FFOC. Ph is within range. Not sure on NPK. I’m feeding 1/4 strength every 3rd day. No other plants are showing problems.

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ok looks for me like…pH issue
i has the same issue with higher pH
oh and i forgot something…don’t feed with cold water! 20-22°C water temps are ok

Ok thanks. It’s just strange that the other plants aren’t showing the same issues. I’ll order some ph supplies today. To bad no place around here sells it

another plants? you mean another strains or the same? some indica strains need more nutriens at lower pH as Sativas

Feeding every third day in your soil has potential to overload your young plant with nutes. You are usually good for 2-3 months with nutrient charge of ffof


yeap. 1x a week is enough
just buy this one and you are safeSX425

I will say, the bottom leaves showed it a week or so ago and the new growth was fine. I fed yesterday and a spot showed on the unaffected leaves. I’ll back off on the nutes and see if it helps. I figured my noob ass was a little over zealous. They are all NL photos. Based on the size and age of the plant i probably over fed. Hopefully the plant will recover or not die before my meter shows up. Thanks all

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yes. stop feeding for a while (week)
give her only watter (pH 6.4- 6.5) and check every morning. in 3-4 days she will be ok
good luck. keep us updated

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It really sucks that nonplace around me sells these supplies. Is there anything I can use at home to adjust PH if needed??

yes. you can use lemon concentrate as natural pH downCitrovin-Zitronenkonzentrat-200-ml
u can also flush your plant with Distilled water

Could you describe the flush process?? Sorry I’m a greenhorn

size of your pot? don’t worry, it’s a easy process…
3 gallons of water per gallon of soil…flush SLOWLY, don’t let the water run down the sides
Allow plants to dry out and breath for a few days, till soil is dry one-half inch below surface.

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5 gallon pot. I’ve got plenty of water. From what I understand, water from my dehumidifier is distilled. Also, I have a RO unit I can use

water from dehumidifier should be fine. 10 gals for 5 gals pot are fine for flushing
i have 20 gal pot so i need lot of water.
make sure, after flushing allow plants to dry out for about 5 days and start again with correct pH.
don’t give her to much nutes. 1x a week is enough.
1/4 strengh is to much.

Strongly suggest you start at 20% of mfg feed schedule. Then adjust as needed.

I’m dropping nutes completely until they improve or get bigger


Flushed the effected plant and will monitor the patient. Did see a hint of it on the tips of plant #1 also but nothing like plant 4. Thanks for all the advice guys and helping me with a good grow.

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This issue continued to spread. I’ve determined that it is most likely rust so I removed the effected leaves and am going to treat with a fungicide. Hopefully the plant makes it thru. There is still lots of new growth at the nodes.