Help me diagnose please! It's 4:20am and I am stressing!

Hey growmies,

Please see photo’s below, we first decided it may be a Calcium deficiency from the earlier photo as my leaves where curling up but only in sections, the new growth looked healthy after extra Cmag.

Now those slight curling leaves are starting to go white or dry, just discolored.

Am i dealing with Heat Stress maybe? Potassium, Calcium or Magnesium issues on the rise? PLEASE HELP MY GIRLS :frowning:

Leaves get beat up, and some have marks. Yours look ok.


I will take that victory lol… cheers man, early morning anxiety!

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I agree with @Covertgrower looks like wind damage. Leaf most likely got pressed up against the top of the pot and damaged the bottom.

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@Covertgrower @outdoorsforlife Yeah I came of what looked to be early C Deficiency and havent seen signs of that, looking out how my fans were placed I am starting to see Wind Damage myself, I will wait for the transplant in the next day or two (Will post images of current state shortly in Journal).

Then we shall see :slight_smile: I have stopped trying to manually handle as much, think may be a lil rough :confused: