Help me choose next grow

The grow:

96x48x72 flower tent w 4" ehaust and carbon filter, AC dehumidifier combo w carbon filtered exhaust, HLG 550. 3 oscillating fans inside.

60"x60"x 72" veg room with mezhi 1200 light and 2 100w(true) amazon blurples if needed.

Seedling and cloning stations with lights as well.

My issue is what to grow.

I have mothers(cheese"just sprouting", big bud “just sprouting”, skunk #1 "2 of those"and white OG “4 of these.”) None will be ready to clone and prep this go around i dont think.

Seeds( white og. Skunk #1, blueberry, sour diesel auto, amnesia haze auto, )

So do i wait on the mothers to mature? With those grow a cheese, big bud, skunk, wite og, and a couple blueberry?

Or do i let the mothers grow and go ahead and do a couple white og, a skunk, and 2 or 3 blueberry?

Im torn, high, and bored so what yall think?

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Every picture I see of an Amnesia Haze Auto, on here, is impressive. I vote you start those.

Amnesia Haze has my vote. :+1::+1::+1:

Yea… i grew those haze last grow, werent large but got a killer yield, they really pack it on last 3 weeks or so. I might throw one of those in.

Amnesia haze, they grow like crazy. one thing to remember tho, if your flowering in a 8x4 tent your gonna need at least 960 watts (30 watts per square foot) for that size tent to really get those nice tight buds. I run 550’s in my 4x4 tents and they rock plants. TBH, all the strains you have are great growers. Your gonna have alot of fun!! :+1: :+1:

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@ggc1962. Upon inspection i dont hav any amnesia haze seeds at the moment. I thought i had 3 but it seems not. So heres my plan so far.

Sprouting a big bud, a cheese and a blueberry. I have 2 skunk #1 clones and 4 white OG clones.

Im going to make 4 mothers. Blueberry, cheese, big bud, ans skunk #1. All photos of course.

Next grow will be 1 skunk #1, 1 blueberry, and 2 white og.

While they are flowering i should be able to mature the mothers and clone at least one each for each grow going forward.

Tent setup. 4x8 with 1 hlg550. 4" fan and carbon filter and AC and dehumidifier. 3 oscillating fans inside tent.

I don t use all of the 4x8 for bud, i have 6 in there rite now, 3 are small plants. I can flower 4 out comfortably with my setup. I will add a hlg 260 in sept or oct i think so o can flower 6 large plants.

Next seed order

Amnesia haze. Cindyxx, ak47, bubble gum and trainwreck i think.

Ill start a jornal when this set of clones is mid veg.

Hows that sound?

@ggc1962 @Myfriendis410 @Bulldognuts @Hellraiser @SKORPION


Sounds like your ready to go. I’m waitin for my grow to finish in around 5 more weeks. Gonna start some of my 2010 Colorado G13’s

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I have essentially same setup. 4x8 tent I have PLC Photo Boost strip light that covers 4x4. I grow in 4x4 and have the extra 4x4 space for large humidifier, ac unit and 18" oscillating fan. Currently growing 4 plants and will fill space perfectly. On last grow I did 7 and had to put up 2 260w Budget led led to help out. So that sounds good to me.