Help me biuld Light

Where can i buy this White Light kit, to biuld my own lamp???
And what do i need to be complet expert nr one lamp to veg and blom

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Search on HLG quantum boards on this site. I do not have one, but experts on this site love them and promote them. They have a higher up front cost, but the efficiency of the light makes up for that in the long run. @dbrn32 is “the guy” for QB. There’s tons of info on the site.


Search for “diy with bridgelux eb strip”

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You’d have to be more specific, a lot of companies offer kits. Or you can source all of the parts yourself too.

I need this 3000 k and 4000 k. Four grow and blom.
I think this White lite is the solution
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There are tons of options to get 3000k or 4000k. You need to be more specific and i’d Be happy to help. How big is the space you need light for?

Built a DIY HLG board light 500W at the wall for about $500
See Gold Leaf DWC Hydroponic - #16 by WickedAle

Helloo. I live in Europa in The norden. And my space is 3, 5m and 2m and 2.40 to The roof.
I need to have maximum Light in there…

And I need to have grow and blom Light.

Do i buy like smal pices and biuld this to a bord??

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There’s a guy that sells diy components in Europe, diyled Europe or something like that. Look him up, he should be able to get you set up with something good.

Okej, and thanks for infon.

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