Help! Male or female plant?

Is this a male or female plant. Can’t really tell. Also, this is supposed to be a sour d auto, but it’s squatty and still hasn’t started flowering yet. I have two others who are tall and flowering.

More pics from the top

It isn’t showing sex yet, to soon to tell.


Agree its too soon,
But may I say that is a fine looking plant.
Keep it up and hope its a girl!

They stretch a lot once flowering starts. It will probably catch up with the others soon.
Or it just may be a shorter plant. Lots of variation among cannabis plants. Even the same strains.


As the others stated; too early to sex. And what you’re experiencing is difference in phenotypes. Nothing you can control. Same genetics but they’re going to display different characteristics of their genetics. Add on top of that autoflowers. Another thing you can’t control. They’re gonna do what they want to do. That’s why they say growing autos is like herding cats.


Thanks for the replies yall! I checked on it today and I think these are little balls? Or is it just paranoia :rofl:

Thank you! It’s crazy cause I thought I was actually going to lose this one as a seedling

First pic definitely looks like a sac

Second pic looks like ball on a stick, soon to be sac


I’m leaning towards both pics looking like a boy. Sorry! Got other plants going so it’s not a complete lose?

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Nooo lol it’s all good tho thanks

Yea I have two others flowering and 3 seedlings started.

Question, should I just take this plant out of the soil and try to use it again or just toss it all ?

Personally, I’m not big on using soil a second time but that’s me. You might get other answers. Stuff ain’t cheep…

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Facts! Idk, I only bought 5 and 1 is down. So I should prolly get new soil to make sure the three seedlings are good

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I know it sucks. I got one too look. Very suspect image|375x500

It even looks phallic…
anyways I just recently transplanted into a bigger pot so under those circumstances I’m going to yank him and reuse the soil that the roots didn’t touch

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Ah ok. He’s been sitting in this pot since I replanted. The soil is probably done for and I’ve been using nutrients the last couple of waterings.