Help! Main Stem Broke!

Question from a fellow grower:

I’m really worried. I went to move my really tall full veg Strawberry
Kush clone plants into my other grow room to begin bloom. There had been
some mild twisting/bending during trims and transportation. Last week I
had given her a pre-bloom trim. I check them every other night. 3
nights ago noticed it was droopy while other (in same system) was still
doing strong. Postponed switching light to bloom.

Quickly did
research on causes for droopy. No root rot, ppm perfect, water level @
2/3 (great). Water temp was 79°F, room temp 82°F. Thought it might have
just been too hot, so we added ice every 2 hours, for the past 2 nights.

Today it was still not getting better. Attempted to move plant
tonight, then the whole plant snapped from its roots. Upon digging in
the root remains and rocks I noticed it only had 2 small “main” roots
anchoring it, and a ton of “root mass”.

It’s currently sitting in nutrient water.

My question now is: can it be salvaged?

Only thing I can see you doing is to pull clones and start over.

To bad !!! but the root ball is very, very big - the plant DID have a good base (roots)

Nope. She’s dead. You got stem rot here.
Usually happens from the water level being too high. Also, 79F for your water temp is really high!

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I agree with @ktreez420 she done. SORRY ! Tri to get clones from her


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