Help-looks like hermaphrodite



Please look at the picture and look for the banana shaped pale parts of the bud. I already cut one that looked like this because I thought it was hermaphrodite. Now this one is starting to do the same thing and I am wondering what the heck they are. Help.


Yes, those do look like late stage hermies. Also referred to as bananas or “nanners”.

Some strains are more prone to doing this in late flower than others, but almost all cannabis can develop these very late in flower, if the flowering period is allowed to go a much longer time than the recommended flowering weeks/days. This is one of the ways feminized seeds are created.

Of course other things like different stresses during flowering can also contribute to this sort of thing occurring more often than it should.

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Thank you…big help. I did not know that this is a way of creating feminized seeds. I think I am cutting them later tonight. I don’t need seeds.


make sure you wipe ur grow room real good with alcohol after harvest some of that pollen could b on the walls,lights,etc and it’ll get on the new lady’s


I will. I also have no where to hang them so I am just going to do the old school drying with paper bags. I don’t think that the nannas have opened


u can cum hangem over here lol


Make some oil or hash and or butter


The plants were huge. Cut them last night and put them in paper bags. Not my way of drying but I wanted to get them out of here. Ran out of paper bags…lol so I used a cardboard box. Took them to a friends house to let him deal with them.


Make sure he keeps after them, you don’t want to lose everything because somebody let them sit too long and they molded all up on you… mold will spread fast too


I will thank you. He is drying on wire racks.