HELP! Live on Cape Cod - NO POWER!


I have 48 day old plants in two tents - temps are at 57 degrees and darkness now for over 17 hours!! What can I do! Are they doomed? :frowning:


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Please see my post - anyone who can help!


They’re probably stressed, but should be OK


Why have the lights been off for so long?


The Cape is being battered by a Nor’Easter - no power and no generator - might go buy one now :scream:

I’m charging my phone to use as a hotspot to even be able to get on the internet and send this distress signal

@ anyone who can offer advice - thanks!!


Ok, this is what I would do. During the time lights are supposed to be on, bring your plant out of tent to where it can get as much light on it as possible. If not you’re gonna trigger it’s flowering mode. You can always revgg if that happens, it’ll take a couple weeks to switch back, and you’ll have some weird growth for a bit. Other than that, I’m sorry, I can’t help any further. Good luck though


I’m guessing power outage. :pensive:
I’m not knowledgeable about this so can only give my opinion. I don’t think the temp is too concerning, as long as it doesn’t freeze. I wonder if the extended dark could trigger flowering.


Any source of heat at all and day light could off set for a few


Oh, I’m sorry you’re in a power outage, that sucks. I would take the plants and put them near the brightest window, even if it’s a little chilly. All that darkness might put them into flower, so let them know it’s daytime. They should be ok for a few days like that.


This was my first thought, too. Some light is better than none.


Use candle light it will provide co2 as well as heat lol


Yes, I think so. It’s just like a cloudy day. Your lights will probably be back on soon anyway, so don’t worry too much.


UPDATE: we were able to get a small 1200v generator and the lights in both tents are back on. The temps are inching up into the 60s🙏🏼

Since the 4 WW autos had already started to show preflowers they should be OK (except for the chilly stress TBD).

And, since the GLs are 7 weeks old today I will just use this crisis to flip them to flower. They were all going well and were pretty decent size for a first time grower. We shall see how they do.

Fingers crossed!

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Glad to hear all is well! Good luck I’m looking forward to how this storm has effected their process. If you can post pictures before flower and near harvest to see their gains


Thanks - I have a grow thread going - I will tag you in @AmnesiaHaze


Excellent, glad to hear you’re not in the dark anymore. Your girls should be fine. I’m in NYC, we got that storm last night, but no power outage just some snow.


Sounds good to me, glad you have the situation handled.


The 17 hours of dark should help flip it to flower faster


Haha - whether I wanted to or not :roll_eyes:


Should have said"weather". Get it haha