HELP! Lighting in my new 4x4

My new vivo sun 600w led full spectrum light does not work. I took it out of the package, set up hung then tested. The bloom mode does not turn on. I am in the process of returning but now have seeds waiting (not in water yet). 260 Watt XL Quantum Board LED Kit V2 Rspec is the light I wanted but cannot find it anywhere for sale online. I know I need 2 of these in my 4x4 but cannot afford both. I have a cheap Exlenvce light 1200w (235w) that was going to go with the vivo sun but now I dont want to mess around and just want to start with something better right away instead of just replacing with the same model. I also found a HLG Elite 360W LED Kit for sale and was wondering if I cant find the 260 to just go with that.

**Might possibly be the longest run-on sentence, happens when you smoke!

I just got the hlg 550 v2 Rspec a few weeks ago for my 4x4 and I love it

I just did a quick look around looks like the virus has hit supply chains. I found one on eBay. Exactly what you are looking for and for a realistic price.

Was it the 260?

sorry meant to reply here was it the 260?


This was the listing hopefully you bought it because it is gone now.

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Yes I bought it thanks!

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Glad I could help. Your going to love the light almost as much as your ladies will

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Check out Budget LED. I have two of their 250 watt series 3 rspecs xl’s in my 4x4. They are a bit cheaper than HLG, but are fantastic lights. They are out of Michigan.

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