HELP! Light leek in flower stage! :(


Thanks @Nicky mine can be turned on or off by remote, I reckon when I unplugged it to move things around it’s re-set itself and I hadn’t noticed. Yeah my first I’m well proud so far I love it, addicted to growing now. Gonna start some Maui waui and white widow regular seeds off soon, if I get makes il desperate and collect pollen and try my hand at cloning. Do you have a grow journal?


Maui is a difficult strain so best of luck


Looking good . I’d say u got this exspecially for ur first grow. I just invested 700$ into new lights but from what I saved it was An easy investment.


@Killadruid light upgrade is my next big buy :slight_smile: well into this now


Yeah r u going qbs with ur next one?


Yeah that’s the plan, not as easy to come by DIY kits but @dbrn32 has put me onto a company to look at


I’m in the UK


I’m pretty sure he’ll sell you just the components you need too. I can help you assemble to fit your space.


I was looking at the 4 board kit but he’s sold out and away til end of 1st week in April… I’m in no rush il wait for him to get back. Thanks a lot for your time @dbrn32


You can probably do a similar light with Samsung strips. From what I hear he’s pretty reasonable guy to work with, maybe shoot him an email and see what he has that will work for you and how it stacks up price wise.


Glad to hear it. I just grabbed 2 of the hlg 260w xl qb kits. Cant wait to see the results. I watched a qb vs hid grow and the qbs had some really nice buds on them. The hids had more top buds but the leds had more all around bud formation nice dense ones.


@Killadruid tag me into your grow I’d love to follow it :slight_smile:


Nice job so far. Can tell you have done your homework. Just popped 2 Maui beans myself!


@Familyman I noticed, il be following along. I definitely have been researching loads and still am, completely fascinated by these incredible plants.


@Familyman are you starting a separate journal for them? If so please tag me in


I may do that although since my plants are always reotating, it’s kinda hard.


Plants are looking beautiful @Amjk


I’ve noticed nite burn on the smallest of my girls. Fed last night, flushing now but what ppm should I get down to? They’re nearing the end of 4th week since light switch. @ThcinKC @Bobbydigital @Killadruid @Familyman @Vexer @dbrn32 ty in advance


Sorry nute burn


1800 ppms shouldnt be to bad to get it down to or around 1000 ppms