HELP! Light leek in flower stage! :(


I’m panicking I thought I’d covered all light leeks but now Iv found that one of my fans have 2 small lights on. Iv just entered week 4 since light change and all seems to be going great, the lights are one small red light and one small blue light. Any advice will be gratefully received, should I worry?


I would def cover them with black tape. They can cause a problem. Doesnt take much to hermie them from lights and leaks. Even pin holes can effect them I was told.


Iv covered them now. How will I know if I’m safe from hermie?


You just have to keep an eye out for bananas. Pluck them if you find them


Thanks fingers crossed then


Iv found these on my girls? Not sure if they’re swollen callyx’s or something sinister can anyone help please?


@Bobbydigital @Liljoe @raustin @ThcinKC should I be worried about the above lumps on my girls? All help appreciated. Thankyou


@Killadruid @kw_Bat @dbrn32


Look like swollen calyx. Has pistols coming out so you should be good to go, so far


Also, I didn’t realize I didn’t cover a power strip light until I was in week 4 of flower but my plant is all good


No your doing good it’s a problem if they aren’t fat like that keep doing what you are doing nice grow btw


Swollen catalyst for sure looking good nice frost on her.


I realized at the end of mine I didnt cover a fan light. But mine that was closest to it turned out the smelliest


@Killadruid @ThcinKC @Bobbydigital thanks so much il keep a close eye on my girls anyway. This is my first grow and I’m so pleased with my progress so far I’d hate to mess it up now. This forum has been a wealth of knowledge along the way, I’m constantly scrolling through threads and journals learning more all the time. Really grateful for all your help. :slight_smile:


@vexer these are my GDP girls half way through week 4 since flip


What light are you using and what is your tent size


The others have you set, sorry crashed early last night.


I’ve a 400w HPS, a cheep 600w LED and some cheap weak LEDs as extras. My tent is 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m.


@dbrn32 that’s fine ty :slight_smile:


Is this your first grow? Looking pretty good, came to help but all sorted it seems.

@Bobbydigital had me worried about my own powerbar light but then I realized the timer turns the powerbar on haha!