Help, LED is not working right

I have a 1200w LED Phlizon and started my first grow 3 weeks ago, 2 nights ago I notice my light was half lit, they are sending me a new light but my question is will this affect my new growth alot, it will take a week to get here and when it does can I use the half lit one also

If they’re just seedlings half a light should be enough. If they start stretching you might have to move the light closer. Just keep an eye on them.
How many plants?
Are you in a tent?


3 plants, they are in a grow tent 4x2x5
and close to 4 weeks worth of growth, thanks for your response I move the light a little closer

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You should be fine . But if you’re worried you can throw a few cfl bulbs in there with it just to ease your mind.

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I used miracle grow (blue bag potting soil) I know better now, but this is my first time growing indoors. I’m not doing terrible but I have been reading a lot and know more of what I have to do. Gonna buy some Fox farm and some other nutrients so I’m trying to follow some of the advice I see on here. Just started right before christmas, If you guys see that I’m not doing something right please day so, you won’t hurt my feelings,lol