Help leaves turning yellow

Is this normal? Shes in her 4th week of flowering, super skunk. I feed mostly ph’d water at 6.5 and fox farm tiger bloom every other feeding at 1/2 dose. What should i do, its my first grow and shes been great up till now.

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Normal for older fan leaves to be eaten by the plant. Some of the higher up ones show possible concern but I can’t tell in current lighting. Can you get a picture with flash or grow light off and room light on? I’m pretty sure it’s just your lightz, could be a phos issue if you got browning in there too

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Hey dude thanks for the reply, i have no browning at all, she looks the same all over as she did the other day, just more yellow leaves. Should i pull them off, or just leave them. Some have fallen off on their own already and i get rid of any fallen or dead ones.

That one’s grower specific. Some let them fall off on their own, others cut them off. I remove them all around week 3 of flower when I lollipop.

Whats lollipop?

Can i do that with auto flower, make them look like that? How is it done? I do have a bunch of reg seeds i can germinate those and/or the autos. Ive got 3 gdp just going into pre flower. I have 2 inside and one thats stays outside 24/7. Thanks for any advice. You can pm if you want.

I don’t grow autos. I know some people treat them similar pre flower. That would be a question for someone like @Nicky who is always happy to help with autos.
Lolipoping is just removing most vegetative leaves and lower 1/2-1/3 of all lower vegetation around week 3 of flower. Usually in photoperiods. Still gotta keep autos opened up to breathe when larger. So you’ll definitely want to ask the auto growers.

If ur only feeding half dose up it to 3/4 and see if the yellow stops 4 weeks flower she should be getting full doses by now. Start by 3/4 dose if all looks good go to full dose after a water or 2. Shes prolly hungry lacking food at this stage

And u can certainly top fim and or lollipop autos. Lollipop isnjust basically cleaning the bottom third of the plant that wont do anything but grow larf.

Take everything off from about here it looks like. In the middle and all. And branches that dont make it up half way or better i cut them off. Buds and all. It will give the plant time to focus more on the buds that count and will become something by removing these. Takes a road of 200 exits and make it easier for nutes to travel 150 instead of 200. Kinda. 3 week flower and six week flower is good time for defols and clean ups. If i was u i would clean the bottom now if that something u wanna do as it will give a bit more time to kick out the good buds with more energy but maybe let @Nicky ring in and say if u should wait or now but i believe now will be good to clean it up goo d


The other reason my plant looks like that is a split and lst. Probably a little extreme for an auto. But I did it all at beginning of transition/mid flower stretch. So I’m not sure why you couldn’t do it to an auto if it was big enough.

Good advice above.

I just answered this question here