Help...leaves turning yellow

Let me start by saying my knowledge of growing is very limited. My husband’s job takes him away for weeks at a time and without service for most of those weeks so I’m left to care for the plants. These outdoor plants were doing great at first but they have started to develop yellow leaves. At first it seemed to be just at the bottom so I thought it was a nitrogen deficiency. I gave them Verde and they looked better for a couple days but now they have started getting yellow leaves throughout the plant. They are about four weeks into flowering. What do they need? Thanks in advance for all the help


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Looks like you have been doing a fantastic job while your hubby was away.
Being that your plants are in flowering have you changed over to a bloom nutrient? If so most bloom nutrients have less nitrogen in them so it might just be the change in nutrients.
What type of nutrients are you currently using and how often are you feeding them?

I am giving them Sensi Bloom and wow I just looked at the calendar…I gave it the first week of August and again last Thursday. Probably should be doing it more

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Yeah they could probably use it once a week but I would confirm with that particular brands feeding schedule just to be safe but a lot of nutrient lines suggest feeding once a week.
I’ve personally never grown plants that big but I would imagine being as big as they are the might require extra nutrients. But they do look pretty healthy so.
It is pretty common for leafs to start to yellow during flowering this is because when they start to flower they use less nitrogen and more potassium and phosphorus.
I would probably up your nutes to once a week (unless the manufacturer suggests otherwise). But to me it looks like you are doing great @ajimenez468

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