Help! Leaves turn brown and crispy

Does anybody know what happen to my babies? These are OG Kush, seeds in soil for a month already, super slow growing, might overwatered them.:cry::cry::cry:

Strain; OG Kush

PH of runoff :6.2-6.8

What is strength of nutrient mix? No nutrients added.

Indoor or Outdoor - indoor

Light system, size -LED 280W

Humidity; 30-50%

Temps; 78-90°F


What type of soil are you using? Some soils can feed a plant on its own for awhile. You may need to start nutes. Normally i add nutes around 4th to 6th set of true leaves depending on how they look. I you do decide to feed start out with a minimal amount.

Will nutes next watering,
So, it’s nutrition deficiency after all?

They look ready to transplant as well, could be getting root-bound.

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:thinking:heavy work ahead, thanks!

These plants need to be transplanted, like yesterday. They’re rootbound and won’t grow until they have more space.

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Looking at the width of the stems I would be surprised if they were RB. How long have they been in those pots? It looks like another case of nute burn with a minor case of water logging imo. The soil you chose may be hot??

Here is a little “bonzai” Chocolope that stayed in its 4" pot its entire life cycle. When I weighed it dry it came out to 7g. So small growing containers in and of themselves do not necessarily contribute to overt problems. Yes your yields will be much much better in larger pots but it the causality for the chlorosis (yellowing of the leaves) are cultural practices or environmental. This plantita was super root bound when I harvested. My .02

Mines are doing the Same thing Anybody mind looking at my Topic??

Can you tag me in your thread?

waaay stunted development. small container, no nutes, grow media or just backyard dirt.
all have stunted the growth. should be at least twice as big as it is.

usually very hard to have plant to recover and grow to full potential. not what you wanted to hear, but, it is what it is.

good luck

Transplant them into bigger pots


@oooyyy3 when you x plant them can you please snap a pick of the root systems. Thanks!

Will put them in bigger home today, thanks:hugs:

Sure, thanks man!

BTW, when is the right sign to transport anyway?

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Mostly just by feel. Amount of time left in any particular sized pot with the strain and growing conditions. Roots will sometimes poke out the side or bottom of the fabric pots. Left too long growth will stymie…

Forgot to take a pic for you man, sorry about that. It was root bound for sure, just not that severe.

6 days into their new home and it was root bound. One of their (the biggest one) leaves are still dying slower than before from bottom to top, it’s not gonna make it, is it?