Help! Leaves suddenly drooping :(


Hey all. This is my first grow and all has pretty much been going ok so far.

I’m doing DWC & I checked the PH which was a little high at 6.3. So I added a couple of drops of PH Down to the reservoir and then when I came back about 1.5 hrs later suddenly all of her leaves were drooping! There’s never been signs of this before, it happened all of a sudden. PH is currently 5.9.

Is it possible that I did a bad thing by putting PH Down straight into the reservoir without diluting first and it’s touched roots and upset her?

I just realised that my PH Down Solution (Hy-Gen) says “Always add the required amount of pH DOWN to a small separate container of water and mix well before adding to your nutrient tank.” And I stupidly only just realised that this is a ‘concentrated formula.’

I’ve attached a of photo of her!


Here’s another photo of her drooping :frowning:


So I ended up adding 1 litre of dechlorinated water to the res last night. I had no idea if that’d make any positive effect or not… I guess I was just kind of desperate to do something! I literally had a nightmare about her dying last night :sweat_smile: :sweat:

So I’ve woken up early this morning and she appears to be less droopy. Hopefully it looks like she’ll recover ok. :crazy_face:


I don’t think it’s a problem. I’m all outdoor, but I’ve noticed droopy leaves at the end of the light cycle going into night. Thirsty girl as well imo look nice though. Green and thriving. Next node that comes out I would top if you’re going to.


Thirsty you say? Hmmm interesting. She’s DWC but I wonder if my water level isn’t high enough. Perhaps nutes could be a lil stronger too. Thanks for responding! Always nice to hear someone say she looks good too, I’ve put a whole lot of love into her :blush:

Oh also, I don’t think I’m going to top because she’s an Auto so I’ve been told best to leave her alone. Next one I grow won’t be Auto so I look forward to using some of those techniques!


Shes so purty


the plant is too.:smile:


Haha I think so too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Edit: Oh wait I just saw your 2nd msg after sending that! :flushed: heh


I snuck that in there. Hello from California.


Haha very sneaky! Hello Californian! Enjoy your legal bud while I have to be in the shadows here in Australia! :sushing_face:


Tell crocodile Dundee I said hello. Your plant looks good and DWC for your first grow. Im on my 3rd grow and in soil.


@ktreez420 @yoshi are both guy’s who know about your system but it sure looked like she needed a drink . Looking good


Thanks @Oldstoner you guys are the best!


@Dopehat I wouldn’t increase your nute strength, it looks as if you might have a little nute burn on her already on the very tips of the leaf. And is that little white spots starting to show?


Hmm… I hadn’t noticed white spots. @Wishingilivedina420state Now that you mention it I thiiink I may see that a tiny bit around leaf tips, if that’s what you’re talking about? Are white spots to do with nutes too? I’ll have to look it up. Now I’m a lil worried. I thought my nutes would have been a little low if anything, according to the brand of nutes I use I should actually be using a fair bit more. I’ve currrntly got it at around 500ppm.


Are the pics in night cycle? If so some plants droop at night after expending all under the lights. Kinda like time to smoke and relax. Watch and about an hour before light come on the leaves will be fully pumped up again. I see nothing wrong and perfect little weed growing.
That’s my 2 cents.
Puff puff pass


@Dopehat not all strains are the same some plants take in nutes at different rates.

White spots are usually associated with a ph problem.

And yes the little brown tips mean your nutes strength is just a bit to strong , so don’t increase its just about right.