Help! Leaves drooping. First grow. Day 13

One out of four plants has her leaves drooping. Water little twice during light cycle (18/6), using cfl’s. Anyone have tips?

Do you feed them, and how often are they watered?

They look pretty healthy my opinion it only looks like they are folding down to get light to the inner leaf nodes


Also are you allowing the soil to become mostly dry between watering? If the soil stays to wet for an extended period of time it could cause damping off.

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I use a spray bottle and spray around the base of the plant just enough to moisten the soil (maybe 8 pumps) twice daily when lights are on. I’ll admit I am afraid of over or under watering. Seems tricky from what I’ve read. I used miracle grow potting mix that protects against over and under watering.
Any pointers?

Yes JTheH I water in the evening then again in the morning (lights on both times) and the soil is dry before each time.

Going to agree with majik on this one. Your watering sounds fine for the size of plants. And being only 1 has this issue it could also be a genetic thing.
I had 3 Goldleaf going several months ago and 1 would always appear droopier than the others. In the end I harvested as much from it as the others. In short, keep doing what you are doing :slight_smile:
Once they get a little bigger I would switch to watering the full container. I base when to water off the weight of the pot.

Yes being that size water them with 16 fl oz’s of water every other day depending on their temps


So the temp stays between 76-78. I’ll start watering 16oz per plant every other day.
Thank you both!


Sounds perfect keep us updated my friend

Will do! I’m very excited.

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Lol best of luck my friend

Quick question, when should I start giving these ladies nutrients and what type? They are 14 days old today…

After you water pick up plant feel the weight and come back next day if still feels the same wait till next day you’ll feel it really light water her as for nutrients start very low and slow step up to full over time if burn appears back down as plant grows it will need more nutrients that’s how I did my girl plus I used miracle grow natures care organic potting soil it has nutrients in it that lasted two months of veg take that into account check your bag of soil because you could if not careful way over feed

This is my girl today 7 days in full flower after two week of stretch


Is there a specific brand of nutrients I should buy? And start low today, day 14? I’m very new to this and there’s way too much contradicting info online.
By the way your lady is beautiful!! It’s easy to say I trust your feedback.

Impressive lady! How long did you have her in veg?

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Fox farms trio pack is what I use this grow next grow Advanced Nutrients is how im going there design for cannabis grower is mind


About two months that includes two weeks of preflower stretch she is one week into full flower

And she’s a clone from gorilla glue mother

But this is my first grow as well if not for great advice for the super helpful people here I’d not have this beautiful plant I’ve read every thing and make judgement calls on every step and when I am stuck I ask here
They are by far the best source of information I’ve found use there knowledge they are happy to share it

Happy growing