Help learning how to use a Juicy Jay Blunt Roller?

So, I have always liked smoking flavored blunts, but I’ve never been able to roll my own.
So I figured I’d just buy a rolling machine…

The problem is, I don’t understand how to use it. lol

Can someone give good details on what I’m supposed to do? lol

I’ve tried reading articles and watching youtube vids, but they are all vague.
I need exact details, otherwise I’m going to probably shred through my papers I baught.

Here is a link to the machine.

Not sure what or where this balloon is either.

So, rolling experts, help teach me! :slight_smile:

dude…that’s just a basic rolling machine,…only bigger.

break/cut up your weed…separate the rollers and push the cloth down in the center…

sprinkle broken weed into created channel…

flip moveable roller over the top of the weed…

then roll both rollers back and for the with your thumbs,…the cloth should be sliding down under the weed and then out the other side…

after you have it smoothed out…NOT tight…you set the edge(non glued) of your paper in the roller and then rotate the rollers until only the glued edge of the paper remains visible… lick it,…that’s right … LICK IT… then continue rolling the paper down into the machine… pop out the moveable roller…presto…Mighty Joint…

it takes some practice to get it right…very common to roll too tight in which case all you can do is tear it open and start over… very handy once you get the hang of it.

it is the exact same concept as rolling a doobie with a dollar bill… or a bugler cigarette with the paper wrapper…

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Ah, I kind of get it from your description, thanks!

I’ve always had others roll, so a monkey has just as good of a chance rolling one better than me. lol

At least I kind of know how the pieces of the roller work now. :slight_smile:

its gonna take practice man… get you a pack of extra long zig zags or something and practice with those maybe…they are cheap… I remember the first time I used one and the first ten or so were too tight to smoke…then I was making them too fat for the glue to stick… even after learning how to use it you will screw one up occasionally…but they can be real handy if you cant roll by hand… dollar bill works really well too,…same principle but without the machine.

Yeah, I got several papers because I figured I’d screw up at first. haha
Just hope I don’t use them all. lol

This could take a while. :frowning:
These papers have no sticky part, so I’m not sure if it matters what end goes first, but the paper is crinkling up on me. lol

I also am having trouble with the plastic thing between the rollers you put your material in bunching up when I’m trying to roll.
So, it starts to roll, then it starts buntching up and I have to start over.

:frowning:This is a little frustrating. haha

trim your bud fairly fine…not sand fine…maybe like a quarter the size of a pencil eraser…spread it evenly,…then close the roller and roll it a few times until it rolls smoothly…then you add your paper

Yesss it’s EXTREMELY important that you place the sticky side of the rolling papers on the end facing you, not the end you place into the roller.

You want the sticky part to be showing after you actually roll it a little, then lick this, and finish rolling. It seals the paper for you! If you don’t do this, your joints won’t stay tight and will come apart.

I’ll try to find a video for you, I wish I still had my roller because I’d make a video for you in two seconds lol! All I do is roll blunts, but I hand roll :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

In my experience, break up your weed by hand, and don’t shred it either. You want the nug to be broken up into smaller nugs, like half the size of a skittle for reference.

Why? Because if you shred your weed, grind it, cut it up, it becomes too packed when rolled with a roller like you’re using. The bigger, broken up nugs with allow to be packed down very tightly, but still allow air flow. Please trust me on this, I roll blunts all day and it’s the same process. I hand break all my weed. But I own 3 different grinders lol :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

@ktreez420 using hand broken material makes sense.

I am using these papers
I can’t tell where the sticky strip is to save my life…

I’ve gotten some that were almost smokable. lol

The paper gets twisted up for some reason though.

Maybe I’m putting it in the roller crooked, but it also seems like the plastic thing the material is in starts to get twisted when it’s being rolled.
So, after a few turns, it won’t roll anymore, because the plastic is twisted up at one end…
Maybe I’m not keeping it tight enough…

I’m blind, so watching a vid wouldn’t be all that helpful. lol

I’ll get this eventually…
I hope…

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I was able to get a few to roll and stay together, but…
They were too tight. haha

I did get 1 to roll and with a little bending to break it up, I was able to smoke it!
I’m using some White Widow Auto from ILGM that I harvested last week, and jarred a few days ago.

I’m wondering if I maybe jarred it a little to soon.
It seems dry enough, but once it was ground up, the roller compressed it down, and it would stay in the rolled up shape.
Is that just what happends when you roll tight, or did it compact together like that because it’s still a little damp?

Early 90s I had a big metal one you set it up closed it and the rolly popped out the top rolled even stoned ppl could use it
I did find it worked better if you used a mully so it was like chop chop it didnt roll them too tight then

I prefer a grinder, it gives me a perfect consistent grind for rolling and I think that would work well in your type machine

It just takes a little practice, in the day we used to put the weed in the rolling machine and roll it around a couple times and then feed in the paper, in but don’t go by me, I hand roll, I think Oak pretty much nailed it in the first post
-good luck

Roll the paper to pack in the bud, Roll the paper starting in the middle working towards the edges, then once paper is tucked it should roll. (This is by hand of course)

Now you got so much weed your rolling blunts! :thumbsup:


Thanks, I think I’ll try hand rolling a few to see if I can do it that way as well.

Not enough for them everyday yet, but one here and there I can swing I think.
This that I’m smoking now isn’t actually the auto WW in the grow journal.
This was a plant that wasn’t supposed to be, but I was able to keep it around, and got about 20G off of it.

The Blueberry will have been hanging a week tomorrow, so I’ve been thinking of breaking it down and jarring it…
Might give it another day though… maybe… probably not, I love this ILGM Blueberry auto.

The Auto WW was chopped sunday, so I won’t have a weight on it for a little while.

I’m expecting to get a solid OZ off each though…

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That’s my patented “tuck & roll” technique. If you use the paper/blunt itself, and just roll the paper together with weed inside, just like you did with the “joint roller”, you basically pre-roll the perfect blunt right there. All you have to do is tuck the paper into the weed and the blunt, then continue the roll. It comes together effortlessly. Maybe I’ll make a video. People seem amazed when they watch me roll a blunt, but it’s actually really easy, you just need to do it a lot lol. I’ve easy rolled over 10,000 blunts. I’m 26. And never ever use the table. The best blunts are hand rolled entirely. It’s another reason everyone calls me treez, I roll the best blunts lol just ask @Bobbyb he smoked one :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


I look forward to a competition at some point young man!! Lmao…

never done a blunt,… but I roll some bomb ass joints

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I always welcome the competition! I’m not good with joints, but blunts I roll as if they came from a machine. It’s really the one and only thing I will brag about. I’m not a dick about it though! Trust me, my best friends roll some awful blunts sometimes lol, we always give each other flack! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v: