HELP-Late in bloom stage, I can't get the pH down below 6.9 sometime as high as 7.4

I thought that sorta stuff was more stable then lemon juice, and you can use fish tank up and down too from what ive read not just pool stuff, i dont have any of anything so i just check any water i get and go close enough to what i need, bit dodge i know but best i can do at the moment and its all about learning for me at the moment anyway


I used to use the fish tank stuff too, but than I tried vinegar and then lemon juice. Didn’t like the idea of smoking chemicals.


I used sodium bisulfate to lower pH. I happen to have an outdoor swimming pool and buy this stuff in crytal form by the gallon container (enough for an entire pool). A tiny-tiny pinch is all it takes to adjust a gallon of tap water from 6.8 to 6.0.