Help, killed four autoflower seeds already

I am brand new and need some help. I started my first five seeds of Northern Lights Auto and water germinated them. On 5/27 I planted them in a raised bed potting soil in 3 gallon planters. Two turned into seedlings and the other three never did anything. On 6/10 I fertilized them with with Bergman’s seedling booster by spritzing the dirt around the seedlings. On 6/13 I became concerned about the dirt (after reading more on the forum) and transplanted them in a Happy Frog soil conditioner mixed with potting soil 3 gallon pots. They were really small on 6/20 and I simply kept watering them by spritzing with spray bottles in the dirt around the seedlings until moist. On 6/13 I germinated three White Widow Autos and planted them in solo cups full of the Happy Frog soil conditioner. I also fertilized them at the same time. Two of the three turned into seedlings but when I checked today they were wilted badly. They are all outside getting 8-10 hours of direct sunlight and our temps are highs in the 71-79 range with lows in the 52-58 range. I never soaked any of them when watering I tried to let the dirt get dry-ish before adding water.

Pictures would probably be needed to help properly diagnose the issue or issues you are experiencing.

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Get a dome on those girls. Seedlings cant take what they are getting. A dome…water the DOME…keepem covered so they can heal. NO nutes. Not a drop.

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Seedlings don’t need nutes for about 5 weeks since they are in FF
WELCOME to the neighborhood :grinning:

I did have a dome on them for a couple of days, i watered the inside of the dome and then today when i looked they were wilted badly so i took the dome off.

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Too wet i bet. Can try without but they are stressed.

Domes are back on.

Thank you

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I’m a newbie and could be wrong but everything I read says anything around 60 or below is a death sentence for cannabis but again I’m a noob you may want to research that on your own.

Let the domes be their water source for afew days. When they reach the ends of solo cup time to transplant into their forever homes.